What Colquitt Co. Teachers are Saying About Edmodo

What are Colquitt County
teachers, parents, and
students saying about
Elementary Teacher
I enjoy using Edmodo in my classroom on a daily basis.
I use it for a station during Reading. Each student has their
own username/password. They are grouped according to
morning class (AM), afternoon class (PM), gifted, and ESOL. I
can tweak the assignments for my gifted and/or ESOL students,
or I may give them a completely different assignment
to differentiate.
Edmodo is very user-friendly. Once the students submit
their assignment, I grade it and sometimes make a comment
(feedback). Once I grade it, their grade will show up on their
page when they log back in the next time. My students LOVE
using Edmodo.
Elementary Teacher
I am in the Language Arts Community on Edmodo. It
allows me to see what other ELA teachers are using on Edmodo,
and we are able to share what we are doing. The ELA Connection
is for the whole world. There are over 4,000 teachers connected
through it, so I am connected with teachers in other countries.
When they share something, I can add it to my "Library,"
and then I can tweak it to use for my own class. :)
Elementary Teacher
I have used several free wikis on the net but
none of them was particularly easy to use and did not
have much security for the users. I then began to
explore Edmodo and found it be very easy to setup
and use. It is especially easy to set up groups and
change members.
It also has a turn-in feature for homework and
projects that is very easy to use. I particularly like the
fact that parents can get access numbers to their
child’s group and see what they are doing.
Middle School
Elementary Teacher
It is a great means to conduct formative
assessments and get instant feedback on things
students may need extra help or have questions.
The “poll” tool allows for instant feedback. The
use of Edmodo has helped me with the
instructional framework. For example, I can
post questions for students to reply. Later on,
their responses are used for discussion during
the lesson opening.
Junior High Teacher

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