Quick reference for e-Sourcing Suppliers

Quick reference for e-Sourcing
Presented by Arya Tedja
Presented by Arya Tedja
May 2011
May 2011
• All new suppliers will be sent an email with a User
Name and Password
• Suppliers will need to register on the Ariba Spend
Management web site
• Suppliers will need to complete a short profile and
develop a new password
• For every new event a link will be sent to the
• Requires Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8
with out compatibility mode turned off
Initial Email Sample
Please use the User Name and Password given in this email please
remember it
Log On Screen for Ariba
Using user Name and Password from email
Once you log in, save this internet site to your favourites for future use.
To do this, look at the top bar, hit favourites, then add to favourites.
Accept / Reject Terms
Read the Terms and click ‘Accept’ to access the website
Required Personal Information
Please Update the three
Mandatory Lines Only
Marked with an *
Then click “Ok” at the
bottom of screen
Password Reset
Once you logon to the portal for the first time you should set your secret question.
This will help you to reset your password if you forget it.
Step 1 Select
Next Step
Select Forgotten Password tab
Set Secret Question
Enter the details as required and then select save to
Main Screen
• Once logged on you should see something like this;
Intend to Respond
Once you are ready to respond to the RailCorp e-Sourcing event,
you will need to select ‘Intend to Respond’. This may open up more
information for you once selected
Return to Main Screen
You may now prepare you bid on the system by clicking
‘Prepare Bid’, At anytime during your bidding process
you can save the bid and come back to it later.
Prepare Your Bid
Click on the Prepare Bid or you may also down load the complete RFx by clicking the ‘Open
RFx in Excel’ Button.
Ariba works well with Internet Explorer Version 7 and lower.
Be aware which Internet Explorer package you have on your system as you may have to
upgrade. To check, open up Internet Explorer, press help on the top line, press about Internet
explorer and a box comes up with the version you are using.
If you are a MAC user, Firefox would be the preferred option.
Types of questions
Here are a few sample question types you may see in the event
Text type question
Yes/No Type question
Enter Values
Once you have completed all the RFx info question you will then
need to enter your pricing for this event. There may be several lines
to enter. Depending on the event settings you might not have to
respond to all lines. There can be lots and bundles to bid on as well.
Submit Bid
You may step through the RFx to the end. At this time you may save
or submit your bid. Only submitted bids are received at RailCorp. In
the message Centre you will see your bid number once you submit
your bid
Once submitted you may change your bid by completing the
revise bid steps. The system will only save the last bid submitted.
Q and A Board
You may ask questions while the RFx is running by using the Q&A Board tab
All public questions and answers will be shown here
The Message Centre will show a brief note for all actions during your RFX
Your Bid Submitted notice will display in the Message Centre once completed
Every time you update a bid, you will be supplied with a new updated bid number.
Help Screen
To obtain more detailed
information please use
the Help screen (1),
Then select Topics for
Suppliers. (2)
You can down load the
Suppliers Guide.PDF

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