NYSERDA Alternative Fuel
Vehicle Programs
Patrick Bolton
October 5, 2012
Basic Facts About NYSERDA
Established in 1975 by State Legislature
Executive level organization
Cognizant energy agency for New York
Mission: Advance innovative energy solutions in
ways that improve New York's economy and
Forge public/private partnerships with
businesses, municipalities, residents, and other
energy stakeholders to accomplish this goal
NYSERDA Programs
Research and Development
About $3 - $5 million per year for feasibility
studies all the way up to late stage
demonstration of new technologies. 50 –
50 cost share required up to a $500,000
grant per round of the program.
NYSERDA Programs
Alternative Fuels and Technologies
Natural Gas, Electricity, and Hybrid
Medium and Heavy-duty markets
class 3-8 trucks
80% of the incremental cost of
vehicles up to $40,000
Delivery, transit, fleet vehicles,
trash hauling, school buses, over
the road trucks
Coolant Heaters for anti-idling
NYSERDA Programs
Infrastructure Development
Refueling stations for biofuels,
electric charging stations, biofuel
Assists all light, medium and heavyduty markets
50% of the cost of most
infrastructure upgrades 80% for
Technology enabler
NYSERDA Programs
System Efficiency
Commuter/Rideshare Programs
Carshare Programs
HOV Lanes
Transit Oriented Development
Traffic Signal Timing
NYSERDA Programs
Emission reduction
DPFs, DOC, SCR, EGR, Crankcase
Medium and Heavy-duty markets.
Not just on road.
Primarily reducing diesel emissions
Delivery trucks, transit buses, trash
hauling, school buses, ferries,
Limited Infrastructure Issues
Does It Work?
NYSERDA Programs
Current Programs/Funding Available
• PON 1896, Clean Air School Bus
• PON 2290 Retail Biofuel Stations
• Fleet Studies
• New York Truck – Voucher Incentive
NYSERDA Programs
Alternative Fuel Vehicle Incentives
• NYT-VIP should be released within a few
weeks with approximately $19 million
– EV Trucks for Long Island
– EV, Hybrid and CNG for NYC
• NYCDOT Hunts Point Clean Truck Program
currently open
NYSERDA Programs
Infrastructure - PON 2301, EVSE Demonstration
• Will be making awards under the second
round of PON 2301 EVSE Demonstration
Program by the end of the year.
• Round 1 proposals lead to 13 awards for
$4.5 million and 325 chargers serving
over 400 parking spaces.
NYSERDA Programs
Infrastructure - PON 2290 Biofuel Station
• 50% of the costs up to $50,000 to upgrade
retail fueling stations to sell E85 ethanol or
B20 biodiesel.
PON 2454 – Biofuel Terminal Program
• 50% of the cost to upgrade the terminal to
sell E85 ethanol or B20 biodiesel.
– Recently awarded 6 terminal upgrade projects
CNG Infrastructure
Working to set up a program for CNG
infrastructure as a follow-on to our CNG
outreach for local delivery trucks and
refuse haulers.
Please respond to requests for information
on potential CNG fleets on Long Island.
NYSERDA Programs
System Efficiency - Fleet Studies
• Studies on how to integrate alternative
fuels into their fleets
• Through the NYSERDA Flex-Tech
• NYSERDA covers up to 50% of cost
Thank you!
Contact NYSERDA for More Information
Patrick Bolton
Senior Project Manager
518-862-1090 ext 3322
[email protected]

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