Initial Expedition Training (IET)

Initial Expedition Training
Flt Lt C Ronaldson
135 Sqn ATC
IET - Objectives
• Describe how to plan and prepare for safe
walking expeditions
• Discuss how to use tents and carrying
equipment safely
• List the principles of safe camp–craft on an
• Describe how to treat the effects of
hypothermia and heat on individuals.
IET – Planning & Preparation
• List what you think should be done before going
on an expedition?
Aim of the expedition
Route – Where and how far are you going
Terrain – How does this impact planning?
Who is going
Weather check
IET – Planning & Preparation
Aim of the expedition
Explore and document cairns in Scotland - Investigate Roman sites around Hadrian's Wall Photograph and describe interesting old buildings along your route - Explore an historic place
made famous in a film and document the scenery
• Teamwork
As a team, identify different team roles and rotate each day - Create a series of communication
signals to use within your team - Do a fun team game or challenge each day to promote team
building - Make a video diary of your teams experiences, from camping and cooking to
researching your destination
• Physical
Record your different emotions over the expedition and relate it to the physical challenge - Film
warm up and warm down sessions before and after your day's walk - Monitor what time of
day people have the most energy to push themselves harder and improve your journey times
- Set a group challenge to speed walk every day for a certain period of time and keep each
other going
• Environment
Decorate a white t-shirt, using inspiration from the scenery that you see along your route - Search
for forms of fungi, photograph or sketch them and record them - List and film the different
kinds of birds you see - Draw all the different star constellations that you see.
DofE Expedition guide
IET – Planning & Preparation
• Route
– Route card
• Contains all the expedition including team members,
timings, safety considerations and descriptions. Why is
this important?
– Terrain
• How does this impact our planning?.
IET – Planning & Preparation
– Who is going
• Participants may impact the route or expedition
– Weather check
• Why and when would we do this?
– Qualifications
• Do we need any qualifications?
– Equipment
• When would this be impacted and how?
– Training
• Do we need any training to go on an expedition?.
IET – Planning & Preparation
• Equipment
– Kit list
– Packing plan
– Weight
IET – Planning & Preparation
• Equipment
IET – Planning & Preparation
IET – Planning & Preparation
• Access
– The Country side code
• The 5 sections of The Countryside Code are dedicated to helping
members of the public respect, protect and enjoy the countryside:
Be safe, plan ahead and follow any signs
Leave gates and property as you find them
Protect plants and animals and take your litter home
Keep dogs under close control
Consider other people.
IET – Camp-craft
• Camping comfort
– Sleep mat
– Sleeping bag
– Clothing
– Footware –boots vs flip flops!.
IET – Camp-craft
How do you pick a good place to camp?
– Shelter
– Water
– Safety.
IET – Camp-craft
Cooking and eating
• Why is food important on an expedition?
• What types of food should you eat and avoid?
The trangia stove.
IET – Safety
Heatstroke & Hypothermia

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