Comment on the need for a common immigration policy by countries

Comment on the need for a common immigration policy by
countries of the European Union
Grainne Rafferty
Migration is the long term movement of people from one
region to another. Immigration is the arrival of people into a
Migration policies are seen as vital by countries for the fair
treatment of immigrants. The EU is aiming to create a common
migration policy which would help maintain the EU’s standard
of living from the increase of migrants entering Europe.
A migration policy is needed in the EU for several reasons.
A migration policy would help relieve the stress put on countries
who receive more migrants than others. Countries like Italy and
Spain often receive migrants from Northern Africa and Albania.
This puts economic and social stress on these countries. A
migration policy would help control the numbers of immigrants
entering these countries.
Another problem with immigration is the amount of illegal
trafficking of migrants. Illegal migrants are smuggled into
Europe on boats and trucks entering the EU. A common
migration policy would help reduce this illegal activity. A
common migration policy would make all countries in Europe
equal. Some countries in Europe are stricter than others. If there
was a common policy, it would be easier for migrants to get
work permits and residency in EU countries.
Refugees flee their countries in fear of persecution. Once
arriving in a country they may apply for asylum status. At the
moment, this process can be long. The asylum seekers must
live in specific accommodation.
In Ireland, asylum seekers are not allowed to work or leave
the country while their application is being processed. A
common migration policy would make this process easier.
However there are some problems that a common migration
policy could bring. It could create a ‘Fortress’ where migrants
cannot easily enter the EU. This would mean refugees fleeing
could be forced to return to persecution in their countries. It
could also create a division between EU citizens and migrants.
It could cause judgement of the migrants by EU citizens.
Above all, the rights of genuine migrants coming from a
country where they don’t receive persecution could be
weakened. Stricter migration rules could restrict their
movement into Europe.
European policies must be updated with the recent change in
migration into Europe. Currently, policies are new and
There is a need for a common migration policy in Europe. As
the number of refugees and asylum seekers increases, it is
likely that new policies will be put into effect to control
immigration into Europe.

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