Finding the Relevance of Dimensions of Learning

Finding the Relevance of
Dimensions of Learning (DOL)
Habits of Mind (Dimension 5)
• Persistence
• Managing Impulsivity
• Listening with Empathy
and Understanding
• Metacognition
• Striving for Accuracy
• Applying Past Knowledge
• Questioning and Posing
• Thinking and
Communicating with
Clarity and Precision
• Gathering Data Through All
• Creating, Imagining &
• Responding With
Wonderment and Awe
• Taking Responsible Risks
• Finding Humour
• Thinking
• Remaining Open to
Continuous Learning
Looking for the Relevance of
• Employment after school
• Skills required to gain particular jobs
Your Task:
• Find general skills/attributes that are
required to gain a job
e.g. excellent communication skills
• You may use any of the jobs provided
in your newspaper
• Write down at least 5 skills/attributes
Inspiration – Your Results
• Match fairly closely to the Habits of
One Step Further
Year 9 Results
Do you think it would be a good idea to
improve on these skills while at school?
• “they are skills that you need in later life”
• “so later in life I can do better in these skills”
• “because it will help me in future years when
I’m in my own job or in everday life”
• “while I can, before it’s too late”
• “because when I get out of school it will be a
lot harder to fix these problems”
• “because it’s preventing me from doing my
• Even Year 9 students can relate to DOL when
they see the relevance
• Helps students to see why we are trying to
teach them these skills
• Helps start students thinking about their
learning (metacognition)
• Acts as basis – next time:
– investigate a famous person and look at what
skills/attributes they had
– when discussing their assignment or scientific
report, relate back to the importance of
communication skills

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