Alberto Giacometti

Alberto Giacometti
The surface suggests the tortured
emotions of modern man.
Alberto Giacometti
(10 October 1901 – 11 January 1966)
An Italian-Swiss sculptor, painter,
draughtsman, and printmaker who came
from an artistic background; his father,
Giovanni, was a well-known PostImpressionist painter. Alberto was the
eldest of four children and was interested in
art from the beginning of his life.
He attempted to create
renditions of his models the way
he saw them, and the way he
thought they ought to be seen.
He once said that he was
sculpting not the human figure
but "the shadow that is cast." His
figures resembled the way he
looked upon himself.
Giacometti's "Walking Man" (1 of a series of
6), 1960
Written about Giacometti in 1959
Alberto Giacometti is a
hungry sort of spaceman
who eats away the forms
he makes, leaving space
supreme. He would
carry them in his pockets
like peanuts and crush
them with a squeeze.
After World War II, he
began producing strawthin stick men
reminiscent of ancient
Sardinian bronzes. They
were universally
admired, but Giacometti
went on destroying most
of them. This year he
has finished nothing.
Three Men Walking II, 1949Alberto
Giacometti (Swiss, 1901–1966)Bronze
Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966) Man Pointing, 1947, 1780 x 950 x 520 mm. Collection Tate Acquisition
Purchased 1949.
Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966) Bust of Diego, 1955. MediumBronzeDimensionsobject: 565 x 320 x 145 mm, 8.8
Tall figure II and Tall figure III 1960 by Alberto
City SquareAlberto Giacometti (Swiss, 1901–1966)1948. Bronze, 8 1/2 x 25 3/8 x 17 1/4" (21.6 x 64.5 x 43.8 cm).
Purchase. © 2012 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris
The Cage (First Version), 1950 Bronze, Fondation Beyeler cast, Susse Fondeur Paris, 91 x 36.5 x 34 cm Photo: Robert
Bayer, Base
Alberto Giacometti hand. 1947-1949 bronze,
green and brown patina
Akia, 1959,Oil on canvas, 92 x 72.8 cm Photo: Peter Schibli, Basel
1950 Still Life with Two Plaster Heads oil on canvas 41 x 31 cm © Succession Giacometti /
Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris
1950 The Forest (Composition with Seven Figures and a Head) painted bronze 58.4 x 60 x
48.3 cm © 2011 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
Dog, 1957, bronze 44.2 x 96.8 x 15.7 cm © 2012 Artists Rights
Society (ARS), New York/ADAGP/FAAG, Paris.
Alberto Giacometti Cat. 1951 Bronze.
Standing Woman 1959 Alberto Giacometti Bronze,
edition of 2 h. 132.1 cm
Alberto Giacometti The falling man. 1947
In your groups…
• You must think of a person doing something.
• Maybe you could take it in turns to model different ways of posing –
everyone must have a drawing!
• You must all decide what to do together
• Look at your materials – what are difficulties may you have?
• Make a detailed plan. Include measurements
• Homework:
• Find two more images by Giacometti –
One sculpture and one drawing or painting.
• Are they similar in any way?
• Complete the 5 w’s. Include your opinion.
• Find out how much his sculpture ‘Walking
Man 1’ sold for.
• What do you think he would feel about this if he were still alive?

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