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Europe PubMed Central
Europe PMC: a summary
How content is added to Europe PMC
Benefits of a Europe-wide subject-based repository
The Europe PMC Funders’ Group
Services provided to the Europe PMC Funders’ Group
Support for Europe PMC funders and their grantholders
Europe PubMed Central (Europe PMC)
• A service of the Europe PMC Funders' Group working in
partnership with European Bioinformatics Institute, University
of Manchester, British Library, in cooperation with the NCBI.
• It includes content provided to the PubMed Central
International archive by participating publishers.
• 26 funders mandate deposition of research outputs into
Europe PMC, including ERC, MRC, Wellcome Trust, CRUK,
• Provides free access to ~ 3m full text, peer-reviewed research
papers, + 28m bibliographic records derived from PubMed,
Agricola, Patents and clinical guidelines.
How content is added to Europe PMC
Route A: By publishers who make all their content available at
the time of publication (e.g. PLOS, BMC, eLife)
Route B: By publishers who make individual articles available
at the time of publication (e.g. articles in hybrid journals )
Route C: By authors who self-archive the author manuscripts in
PMC/Europe PMC using the Europe PMC plus deposition
service (e.g. articles published in Science)
Route D: By publishers who deposit the peer-reviewed
manuscript (authors also have to “sign-off the deposit) (e.g.
Elsevier articles for NIH, NPG content for Wellcome [and others])
Benefits of a Europe-wide, subject-based repository
Greater visibility of research findings
• All articles in a single repository, fully accessible from PubMed and Google
as well as Europe PMC
Research process enhanced
• Innovative features - citation networks; articles integrated with underlying
data-sets; text mining
Greater compliance with funder mandate
• Publishers can (and do) deposit in PMC
Integration with Institutional Repositories (IR’s)
• Content can be shared with IR’s
• Integrated with ORCID
Greater visibility of research findings
Research process enhanced – innovative services (1)
View “Cited by” and “Cites the
following” data
Sort results by times cited
Research process enhanced – innovative services (2)
Acromine - disambiguation tool
Evidence Finder - text mining technologies
Integration with institutional repositories (IRs)
Good working relationship with European initiatives such
as Driver and OpenAire
• Driver harvests Europe PMC metadata
• OpenAire mines the full text articles to retrieve FP7 funding information
Content can be shared with IRs
• OAI interface available for IRs to pull in relevant content
• Metadata and OA full text articles pushed to Repository Junction which
is working to push articles to the relevant university IR
Win-win situation
• IRs can still showcase the outputs from their institution
• Content is more easily discoverable through Europe PMC
Europe PMC Funders’ Group
All Europe PMC funders are represented in the Europe
PMC Funders’ Group, which:
• Steers the direction of the service
• Meets annually to review and approve the annual development
• Receives regular updates on development progress
Europe PMC: services provided
Repository service
• A fully managed and highly-available, 24x7 web-based repository service
Manuscript deposition service
• A manuscript submission system to allow your researchers to self-archive their
Publisher arrangements
• Arrangements are in place with a number of leading publishers to ensure that all
research papers that are funded by a Europe PMC member (and for which an
Article Processing Charge (APC) fee has been paid) are automatically made
available through Europe PMC. In cases where a funder needs to liaise directly
with a publisher (e.g. Elsevier) we can help facilitate this.
• Helpdesk facility
• Grant holders have access to a dedicated helpdesk facility
Project Management
• The service has a Funders’ Group project manager
Support provided to the Funders’ Group
Researchers funded by Europe PMC members receive phone
and email support from the helpdesk:
Depositing manuscripts using Europe PMC plus
Linking their grants to their papers using Europe PMC plus
The Europe PMC service and Funders’ Group project
managers ensure:
• The aims and objectives for Europe PMC approved by the Funders’ Group
are attained
• Funders are updated regarding service developments
• Funders receive support engaging their researchers with Europe PMC and
open access
Costs - operational
Europe PMC funders contribute to both the operational and
development costs of the service.
Operational costs are calculated based on the funder’s annual research
spend (ARS) as a percentage of the total ARS of the Funders’ Group.
This table provides some crude estimates to demonstrate the operational costs:
Annual Research
Contribution to Europe PMC
running costs (% of total costs)
Contribution to Europe PMC
running costs (£) per annum
Costs - development
In addition to the operational costs, Europe PMC funders
also make funds available to support the development of
the repository.
• Funder contributions to the cost of development are calculated based on the
funder’s ARS, and equate to roughly one quarter of the operational costs
borne by the funder per annum.
• For example, a “medium” sized funder which is paying £50k a year to
support operational costs, would also be asked to contribute around £12k to
support R&D.
Development ensures Europe PMC remains the competitive
resource it currently is.
The Europe PMC funders have developed a function-rich and wellused repository
Europe PMC is:
• cost effective
• will help to increase visibility of research you fund
• will provide you with the means of implementing your OA policies
Contact Europe PMC
The next opportunities to join Europe PMC are in May 2015 and
April 2016. Funders who wish to join Europe PMC in May 2015
will need to confirm their commitment by January 2015.
For more information on joining Europe PMC contact:
Cecy Marden
[email protected]
Europe PMC Funders’ Group Project Manager
Funded by:
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