Genasun LLC
MPPT Solar Charge Controllers and Lithium Batteries
Alex MeVay
Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries
•12V 100Ah – 24V 1800Ah
•Charge from all common
charge sources
•BMS with data output
•½ the weight of lead-acid
•Better charging efficiency
GV-5 MPPT Solar Charge Controller
• MPPT for 10-30% power
gain over PWM
• Low noise at full charge
• 0.125mA selfconsumption
• Electrolytic-Free
• 5A load output
– Short Circuit Protected
– Protects load from
reversed battery
• 65W max input
• Available for lead-acid
and lithium
• Small:
– 4.3 x 2.2 x 0.9"
– 2.8oz.
“Power Box” Power Management System
15A/200W MPPT Solar Charge Control
10-30% Power Gain over PWM
No PWM Output Noise
Overload Protected
10A Short-Circuit Protected Load Output
with LVD
11.4V 1A Regulated Output for Sensors
All Outputs can be Backed by Primary
Battery (no dropout during switching)
~3mA Operating Current with Display On
No Electrolytic Capacitors: Excellent
Performance in Hot and Cold
Extensive Protections Against ShortCircuits and Reversed Connections
LCD Display
Size: 6.2x4.1x1”
Tested from -75C to 85C

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