Report of
DeitY Innovation Council
Dr. V.Ramgopal Rao, Professor, IIT Bombay
Chairman, DeitY Sectoral Innovation Council on Nanoelectronics
Dr. G. V. Ramaraju,
Group Coordinator, R&D in IT, DeitY, MCIT, GOI
Dr. Janusz Bryzek
Nanoelectronics Innovation Council: Scope
• Entire electronics systems hardware infrastructure enabled by
Nanoelectronics technology.
• Future smart systems – fusion of computing, communication and
- healthcare, security, smart grids, automative, energy, IT, agriculture, lifestyle,
Nanoelectronics manufacturing - Higher capital costs & complex
technology know-how
– but allows for batch processing reducing the cost/chip eventually
DeitY programme on Nanotechnology Initiatives (since 2004)
• Competence building, Research and Development in
• Create infrastructure for research in nanoelectronics
and nanometrology at the national level
• Establish Nanoelectronics Centres
• Take up small and medium research projects in
specific areas of nanoelectronics
such as
nanomaterials, nanodevices, carbon nano tubes,
nanosystems etc.
• Commercialization and Industry Promotion of
The DeitY Nanotechnology programme is as big & prominent as the DST Nano-mission initiative. India is ranked 3 rd
in the world now in Nanotechnology research, only behind China & USA.
DeitY programme on Nanotechnology Initiatives
Major Achievements:
36 R&D Projects initiated since 2004 with total outlay of about Rs.
657 Cr
• Nanoelectronics Centres at IIT Bombay & IISc Bangalore
- ZnO based Piezoelectric microphone
- Piezo resistive based pressure sensors
- Gas sensor platform for automotive exhaust and environmental
pollution monitoring applications
- Healthcare and explosive detector
- Attracting faculty from abroad
- Attracting funding from major International/ National
industries/organization such as AMT, Texas instruments, Cookson
Electronics, IBM, Agilent, MNRE, ISRO, Intel, Infineon, Micron etc.
- Manpower trained : 1562
- Patents : 34
- Publications : more than 600
DeitY programme on Nanotechnology Initiatives
Major Achievements:
Centres of Excellence in Nanoelectronics- Phase II initiated after successful
completion of Phase I at IISc, Bangalore and IIT Bombay.
Nano Fabrication Prototyping Facilities for SMEs and Start-ups in the area of
Indian Nanoelectronics Users Program (INUP) at IIT Bombay & IISc Bangalore
- 231 projects from 139 organizations across the country
- Manpower Trained : about 2311 from about 350 organizations across
the country
Centre for nanometrology at NPL, New Delhi
- Facilities for the measurement of DC Nano-volt, DC Nano-ampere, Nanoresistance, Nano-electric charge, Step height and roughness have been
Centre for Nano fabrication and Nanoscale devices based on non-silicon
technologies at IIT Delhi
DeitY programme on Nanotechnology Initiatives
Major Achievements:
Centre for Development of MBE cluster tool based epitaxial nano-semiconductor
infrastructure and process integration facility for high performance
RF/Microwave compound semiconductor Heterostructure nanodevices on silicon
at IIT Kharagpur
Centre for Nanoelectromechanical Systems(NEMS) and Nanophotonics
Centre for Excellence in Research and Development of Nanoelectronic
Theranostic Devices at IIT Guwahati. The Nanoelectronics Centre will cater the
local needs by the development of low cost health and agriculture sensors.
Indian Nanoelectronics Users Program (INUP) –Phase II after successful
completion of Phase I at IIT Bombay & IISc Bangalore with focus on
technology development.
In addition, 26 medium & small size projects.
at IIT
CEN – IIT Bombay
IIT Bombay
CEN – IIT Bombay
IIT Bombay
IIT Bombay
Prototypes/Products in the [email protected]
V.Ramgopal Rao& team
Silicon Locket
D.K.Sharma & team
Portable ECG Monito
D.K.Sharma & team
Explosive Detector
PolySense Aqua
Portable SPR System
IIT Bombay
Explosive wireless sensor node
DeitY Innovation Council on Nanoelectronics:
Vision & Mission
Use nanotechnology/nanoelectronic devices/concepts to
produce products and services that are affordable for people
at the bottom of the pyramid by catering to India’s expanding
requirements in consumer, healthcare, security, strategic,
energy and agricultural areas and thereby gain technology
IIT Bombay
Nanoelectronics Innovation Council: Areas
Societal Electronics: improve the quality of life
Rural Electronics: focus on solving the rural problems
Medical Electronics: point of care diagnotics
Consumer Electronics: low cost devices
Strategic Electronics: Security applications
Energy Electronics: energy scavenging, PV etc.
IIT Bombay
Approach and Strategies
• Research and manpower training Infrastructure
• Industrial silicon foundry Infrastructure (particularly
from the point of strategic electronics)
• Innovation and Incubation Infrastructure
• Policies, incentives, programmes & framework for
Encouraging Entrepreneurship
IIT Bombay
Creation of Centralized
Infrastructure & Platform
Fund projects that have a product/system
focus with clearly defined deployment
Funds open to industries, start-ups, individuals,
academic institutions with a close monitoring of
project progress
Innovation Council
Regional incubation Centres for
Nanoelectronics aligned with
the technology platforms
Ph.D. programs with exposure to societal
problems, Faculty training programs, Innovation
awards, Hands on training
IIT Bombay
Action Items
1. Creation of common infrastructure & Technology Platforms that can be jointly
funded through public-private partnerships, which can be opened to
users/industries through pay per use program*
2. Specifically seek product/system oriented proposals
3. Projects must have a comprehensive policy for their final deployment - inputs of
concerned ministries/industry are of utmost relevance.
4. Create regional level innovation centres and match them with the technology
platforms developed in the Centres of Excellence in Nanoelectronics (CEN).
5. Establish awards for innovators
6. Faculty training programmes in Nanoelectronics applications/innovation*
7. Rural exposure to Ph.D. students by linking them with rural NGOs.
8. Exposure to start-up culture for Ph.D. students through targeted award
* DeitY has already taken initiatives through CEN & INUP programmes in leading institutions in the country.
IIT Bombay

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