Austrian National Salt Reduction Initiative

Austrian National
Salt Reduction Initiative
High Level Group on Nutrition
and Physical Activity
EU framework on salt reduction
Aktionsplan Ernährung
National Nutrition Action Plan
Reduction of Salt consumption
is under the main goals
of the Austrian Nutrition Action plan
Daily Salt Consumption (NaCl):
- Min.: 1,4 g (DACH-Recommendation)
- Max. 5 g (WHO)
- Actually: 8 – 9 g
(Austrian Nutrition Report 2012)
Sources of daily salt intake:
- Prepared food: 80 %
- Use of table salt: 20%
Main food categories for salt
- Bread and pastry: 24 %
- Meat products, sausages: 12 %
- Cheese: 12 %
Voluntary commitment
by the bakery sector:
15 % less salt until 2015:
stepwise reduction over 4 years
Target Salt content
in bread and pastry:
 2015: 1,2 g/100g (1,7 g/100g flour)
Label used by participating bakeries:
„Less Salt is healthier“
Official launch of the salt reduction
campaign in the bakery sector by the
austrian Health Minister in February 2011

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