FIBC 4 - The Mastery of Moving Clients to Health Coaches

The Mastery of Moving
Clients to Health
Lori Andersen
Presidential Director
Short and Long-term Income
What are the Barriers to Sponsoring?
Lack of Confidence
Lack of Understanding
Lack of Skills
Lack of Strategies
Lack of Action
Break it Down for Clarity
• Evaluate yourself and your belief
– Industry, company, program/products,
business model, compensation plan, right
time/right place
• Evaluate the type of Clients’ you attract
• Evaluate your skill as a Health Coach
Objective as a Business Coach
Be positive and expect people to be interested
Be committed to your Client’s success
Fully Integrate each Client
Treat all Clients as if they’ll join as a Health Coach
• Be a recruiting machine! Talk about being a Health
• Become an amazing Business Coach and Leader
Sponsoring Your Team
• Before they are your Clients
– Tell Your Story
• During your Presentation/Profile
– BMI Chart/ Trilogy Wheel
• When they are just getting started
– Before and After, Journal
• After they have had success
– “I bet people are really noticing…”
• After they have referred you a few Clients
– “Have you ever thought about becoming a Health Coach?”
– “Do you want to coach them?”
The Offering You Have…
• Your own business, freedom
• Choose hours to work/ no commute
• Great part-time income, better full time
• Helping others to create health, rewarding,
• Coaching others helps you keep the weight off
• Retirement/ security
Health Coach Candidates are
Warm Market
Cold Market
Specialty Niches
Ask Your Candidate…
• “Where do you see yourself 3 years from
now?” “What are your goals for the future?”
– Physically
– Mentally
– Financially
• “Is what you are doing now going to get you
Find Their Intrinsic Motivation,
Then Create Interest…..
• “If I can show you how to
would that interest you?”
Your Goal & Duty
• To help them have a full understanding of
the Why, What, Where…
– Why they want to do what they are doing
– What they should be doing to get what they
– Where to find all the resources available to
them to ensure their success
Sponsoring Tools
Business Website/ New Online Videos!
Success from Home Magazine
Discover Health Coaching PPT Presentation
Health Coach and Health Professional DVD
Discover Health Coaching Disc Pack
Webinars/ Conference Calls/ Support Calls
“One on One”/ Trilogy Wheel
3-Way Calls with your Business Coach
Sponsoring Tools
How Do You Grow Your Team?
Develop Fully Integrated Clients
Naturally offer the HC Opportunity
Teach others how to do it
Set goals and create strategies with your
FIBCs and then do the same with your team
5. Make it fun and exciting
Steps to a Presentation
Dream Weave/Find out their “Why”
Overview – Who we are, what we do
What we provide to Client/Health Coaches
Why TSFL – What we are offering
Becoming a Health Coach
Simple Steps to Compensation (IDS)
Review Their “Why”***
Follow Up
Within 24 hours
Be confident in them joining
The Recruiting “Rules”
– 8:2, 5:1, 3:1
Follow Up!
• Truly shocking statistics as it relates to
your follow up process:
– 48% never follow up with a prospect
– 25% make a second contact and stop
– 12% of people make more than three contacts
Starting Up
• Take them on as your new project
– What is their “Why”
– STC/ Time available to work business
• Talk to them daily, set activities to be accomplished
• Get them on the right path right away, 3-Way Calls,
“Practice Partners”, presentations, health fairs, take
to mall and show how to strike up conversations
• Help them reach their CAB
It’s Never Been Easier!
• Begin as Fully Integrated Client
– Familiar with the Bio-Network of Support
• Training Guides 1 and 2
– Senior Coach in first 30 days
– Fully Integrated Business Coach
• Online Training Modules
– Trilogy Training System
– Coffee Break Basics
• Webinars
• Local Trainings
• Your Business Coach and Mentoring Team
Look in the Mirror…
• Are you doing 3-4 sponsoring presentations per
• How many people on your team are doing 3-4
sponsoring presentations per week?
• How many people on your team are asking you to
do 3-Way Calls or meet with prospects to help
them sponsor?
• Are you teaching people how to sponsor?
• Are you holding Trainings for your team?
What are you Looking for?....
• Growth!
– Group and Frontline Volume
– Number of New Clients
– Number of New Health Coaches
– Number of New ranks achieved
– Attendance at Training events
Your Biggest Key to Growth
Teach the Power of being Fully Integrated
Personally Develop SC Teams
Focus on adding new HCs/SCs to your team every month
Adding just 5 SCs a month to your team will yield 25 SCs by the
end of the year; that translates into roughly $25,000 more
Group Volume a month*
10/month = $50,000 GV more/mo by end of year*
15/month = $75,000 GV more/mo by end of year*
(*Hypothetical scenario – Take Shape For Life does not make any guarantees of income claims)
If Global is Your Goal...
$6,000-$10,000 FLV
12-15 Senior Coach Teams
25-30 Health Coaches
$100,000 Group Volume
It’s Duplication Time…
• Get Fully Integrated
• Find 5 others and Coach them to do the
• Teach them to find their 5
• Repeat, Repeat, Repeat…
• Enjoy the ride to becoming a Triliologist!
What Do They Think?
• This is EASY, I can do this!
• I have the TIME to do this!
• It looks like so much FUN, I’ve got to do

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