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ClickBank In Details
• What You Will Learn?
How To Sign Up For ClickBank From Bangladesh.
How To Set Up Payment Withdraw Method in CB.
ClickBank Marketplace.
Familiarization with different terms.
Cost Estimation for an affiliate marketing project.
How To Sign up For ClickBank
Types of Accounts in ClickBank:
a. Vendor
b. Affiliate
We’ll sign up as an affiliate.
Take Help From Your Relatives living abroad.
For US affiliates you’ll need to enter Tax ID.
How To Set Up Payment Method at
You Can Withdraw Money Via Payoneer.
You need to apply for a US bank account.
In Your CB account:
1. Go to Settings > Payment Information.
2. Click “Edit.
3. Select “Payment Threshold” to $50 or any number.
4. Payment Method “Direct Deposit”.
5. Payment Frequency “Weekly”.
6. Under “Direct Deposit Information”
- Bank Country is “United States”
- Bank Name “First Century Bank” or “Bank of America”
- Enter Your respective “Account number” and “Routing Code” that
you have received from Payoneer.
- Account Type “Checking”.
ClickBank Marketplace
• What is ClickBank Marketplace?
To find a product to promote, you should start in the ClickBank Marketplace.
• Important Terms to Remember:
Initial $/sale: This is the average amount that an affiliate earns for each sale
of this product.
b. Avg. Rebill Total: This number is only shown if the vendor offers recurring
billing products.
ClickBank Marketplace
• Important Terms to Remember:
Avg. $/sale: For one-time purchases, this number is the same as Initial $/sale. If
the vendor offers recurring billing products, it equals the average total of the
initial sale plus all rebills, divided by the number of initial sales.
d. Grav: Short for GRAVITY™ performance statistic, this number represents a
unique calculation by ClickBank that takes into account the number of different
affiliates who earned a commission by promoting this product over the past 12
Cost Estimation for
the Project
• Do I really need to invest any Money?
Joining as an affiliate is free.
Domain Purchase cost is $10/Year. You can use a subdomain in wordpress or
blogspot as well.
Hosting cost is around 1500-2000 BDT Per Year. For subdomains there’s no
If you write contents yourself then it’s free. If you hire someone, it will cost
you around $5 per 500 words article.
You Need to have a good budget for SEO too.

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