The NHSCB approach to Contracting

Susan Davies
Acting Director
South of England Specialised Commissioning Group (South West)
The role and approach of the NHS
Commissioning Board (NHSCB) in the new
commissioning system
The key structures of the organisation
Approach to 2013/14
Responsible for ensuring the improvement of outcomes for all patients
Preventing people from dying prematurely
Enhancing the quality of life for people with long term conditions
Helping people recover from episodes of ill health or injury
Ensuring people have a positive experience of care and treating; and
Caring for people in a safe environment and protecting them from avoidable harm
Allocate £60bn to CCGs and support them in the effective use of that
money to improve those outcomes for all patients
Directly commission health services worth £25bn including primary care,
some public health services such as immunisation and screening,
and specialised health services in England
Plan for civil emergencies and make sure the NHS is resilient
The design of the NHS CB has been informed by the values and
culture which the Board will foster. These include:
A clear sense of purpose focused on improving quality and outcomes
Putting patients, clinicians and carers at the heart of decision-making
An energised, proactive organisation, offering leadership and direction
A focused and professional organisation, easy to do business with
An objective culture, using evidence to inform its activities
A flexible organisation, promoting integration, working across boundaries
and performing tasks at the right level
• Committed to working in partnership to achieve its goals, in particular by
developing an effective, mutually supportive relationship with CCGs
• An open and transparent approach, sharing information freely; and
• An organisation with clear accountability arrangements and a grip on
those things for which it will be held to account
A series of National Domain Directors:
• Professor Sir Mike Richards – Director, Domain 1- preventing people from dying
• Dr Martin McShane - Director, Domain 2 – enhancing the quality of life for people
with long term conditions
• Professor Keith Willetts - Director, Domain 3 - recovering from episodes of ill health
or injury
• Richard Gleave - Director, Domain 4 - positive experience of care
• Dr Mike Durkin - a safe environment and protecting people from harm
For specialised services, a series of programmes of care, based around
the Clinical Reference Groups:
Blood and Cancer
Internal Medicine
Women and Children
Mental Health
National level – set consistent national policy and
strategy - based in Leeds with presence in London
9 corporate directorates
4 regional offices – assist in development of
strategy and support/oversee local implementation
27 Local Area Teams - implement policies/
contract and relationship management
• Cheshire, Warrington and Wirral
• South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw
• Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear
Midlands and East
• Birmingham and the Black Country
• Leicestershire and Lincolnshire
• East Anglia
• Surrey and Sussex
• Wessex
• Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset and South Gloucestershire
Outlined in the Recommendations of the Clinical Advisory Group
for Prescribed Services (GATEWAY 17981), published
on 11th September. Subject to consultation with NHSCB currently
Reviewed the services in versions 3 and 4 of SSNDS and includes
previously nationally commissioned ‘highly specialised services’
Services need to meet four factors, outlined in the ‘Health and
Social Care Act’:
the number of individuals who require the provision of the service or
the cost of providing the service or facility
the number of persons able to provide the service or facility
the financial implications for clinical commissioning groups if they were
required to arrange for the provision of the service or facility
A national approach, applied consistently
Only prescribed services will be commissioned by NHSCB. Other
secondary care/community services via CCGs
A suite of contracting products will be used with the standard national
There will be a single contract per provider (including highly specialised
services) regardless of where the patient originates from
LATs will lead on contracts for their geographic area
A nominated LAT will be identified for those providers with multiple
national sites
NHSCB/Specialised Commissioners will be responsible for quality issues
affecting their services
Individual Providers will be expected to have the same price for the same
service for all activity commissioned by the NHSCB from 1st April
National estimates of full cost of specialised services built into
CCG/NHSCB allocations exercise
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