File - Conway Junior High

Conway Junior High
Conway Junior
Counseling Center
Mrs. Shawn Finch: A – Go
Ms. Sandy Duncan: Gr – M
Mrs. Lisa Oates: N – Z
Mrs. Melissa Foster: Registrar
Tips For Success At CJHS
(From Current CJHS Students)
Which floor will I be on the most? 1st floor
When will I have lunch? 1st lunch at 11:05 a.m.
Where do I sit at lunch? Any where you like
How is lunch set up? 4 lunch lines – principals will assist you
Where do I go in the morning? Meet in the courtyard by the
cafeteria before the bell rings
 Can I have my cell phone at school? Yes – before school and
during lunch.
 Where is PE? The girls are in the North gym and the boys
are in the south gym. The North gym is open for games
during lunch.
 How much time is there between classes? 5 minutes
Pre-AP Classes
(Pre Advanced Placement Classes)
Pre AP English
Pre AP Math
Pre AP Arkansas History/World History
Algebra 1 (High School Credit)
Pre AP Biology(High School Credit)
-Parent/Student can select classes
-It is recommended you have an 85% or better in regular class
-More rigorous/more dedication
-Dropping Class:
1st five weeks of school or beginning of 2nd semester with following
*Grade less than 70%
*Parent/Teacher/Student Conference
*Space available in regular class
*Principal’s approval
8th Grade Required Classes
English 8 or English 8 P- AP
Math 8 or Math 8 P- AP or Algebra 1 (must be in Acc. Math 7)
Ark History/World History or Ark History/World History P- AP
Science 8 or Biology P-AP (must be in Acc. Math 7 or Pre -AP)
Career Orientation (1/2 year)/PE or Athletics (1/2 year)
6. ___________________________________________(Year or 2 sem)
7. ___________________________________________(Year or 2 sem)
Alternate Courses:
Drop and Add
 You must choose electives carefully
 You can drop and add an elective the first 5 days of
each semester.
 After the 5 days, you may only drop with Principal’s
approval, and only for study hall.
 Students enrolled in a full year course will remain in
that course for the full year. The only exception is if
you have a semester average of a “D” or “F” and you
will need teacher’s permission.
Attendance in the 8th Grade
 If you miss 10 unexcused days per semester:
No grade for the class(es)
Must stay in the class(es) and do the work
Name goes to court
May be required to go to summer school to make up the
Schedules For 8th Grade
 Make sure your address is correct at
your current school
 Post cards will be mailed out in late July
 Schedules will be ready for pick up the
first week of August

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