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HSCIC September 2014 letter
Slides to facilitate discussions in local authorities
Developed by the HSCIC social care communications stakeholder group
September 2014 letter to councils
• Issued annually to provide information on the
HSCIC’s adult social care returns
• Approved by the DH/ADASS chaired Adult
Social Care Data and Outcomes Board
• The HSCIC sends this to contacts in
performance teams, ADASS send it to
• Please ensure your colleagues have seen it
Implementation of the new collections
• The HSCIC has published the first data
collected through the Zero Based Review.
– DoLS published Sept 2014
– SAR will be published Oct 2014
• We continue to support councils through the
implementation and ongoing work eg
– Collection level stakeholder groups
– Webinars and newsletters
Data relating to 2014-15
• The first year of SALT, ASC-FR collections
and the EQ-CL framework
• Both user and carers surveys take place
• The collection dates are now set
• We are consulting on the outputs required
and timings of the publications
• The collections must include data
representative of the whole year
Minor changes to collections for 2015-16
Subject to confirmation later in the year through SeRCOP, the following
mandatory changes will be introduced to the 2015-16 ASC-FR. These are
outlined in the September letter.
• The original SALT announcement in May 2013 stated that for SALT
measure STS001, tables 2a and 2b become mandatory for 2015-16.
• However, table ST003 was included on a temporary basis and
completion of this table for 2015-16 will be voluntary.
Care Act developments
• We expect to consult soon on potential
changes to returns in relation to:
– Deferred payments
– Safeguarding
• Do get involved in these developments by
joining our groups or responding to the
consultation when launched
Voluntary DoLS return
• The Department of Health commissioned the HSCIC to
collect and publish a voluntary data collection for DoLS on
a quarterly basis, covering the period April 2014 –
September 2015.
• The quarterly collection is an aggregate collection
submitted via Omnibus. The collection for the first quarter
(April-June 2014) took place during September and will be
published on 2 October 2014.
• The data for the second quarter will be collected in early
October and published on 5 November 2014.
ASCOF update from DH
• DH will publish the 2015-16 ASCOF Framework
later in the autumn
• Any queries about ASCOF definitions or
development should be sent to DH at
[email protected]
• The beta version of My NHS includes some
social care data and you are encouraged to
provide feedback
Thank you!
To everyone who has participated recently,
for example by :
– Contributing to the Stakeholder Groups
– Responding to the Social Care Collections Feedback
Surveys, Consultations and Burden Assessments
– Piloting the Safeguarding Outcomes Measure
– Sending comments and queries on the new guidance
and framework documents and collection pro-formas
– Attending our webinars
Connect with us
0300 303 5678

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