For French company

Doctoral research, Business thinking
Brazil-France partnership to train
Brazilian students in France
14th February 2013
For the CNPq: to train future managers of R&D, able to drive projects in
academic and business contexts.
For French company: to prepare
 future employee by its subsidiary or corporate in Brazil
 future partner who will never forget his former French company
For Brazilian student:
 to get R&D's competencies in international context,
 to know French company and French academic body.
For French Research ministry & ANRT: to contribute to the
enhancement of Brazilian-French scientific & business relationships.
General scheme
Assesses the
doctoral research
Assesses the
involvement of
Grants to the
14 000 € per
(+ CIR)
Research partnership contract
Company based
in France
3 years contract
with minimum
gross annual salary
of € 23,484
Average 2013: € 28,600
French academic
Doctoral student
Supervision by academic
Enrolled each year in
doctoral school attached
to the laboratory.
Attends to the doctoral
First Cifre-Brazil examples
PhD Student - Paulo Sergio DE OLIVEIRA JR
“I feel that, if compared with a traditional PhD (with only the academic side), a CIFRE thesis can contribute
more directly to the society, since in an enterprise we usually look for solutions of real and direct interest of
the users. This push us in the direction of the most advanced algorithms in our area.
When I finish my PhD and come back to Brazil with this very “rich” PhD experience, I am sure that I will be
prepared to work with high proficiency in both: academic or corporate environments, in one of the most
important areas for the Brazilian industry and agriculture.”
First Cifre-Brazil examples
PhD Student – Guilherme yuuki KOGA
“I would be pleased to share my first impressions in order to help people to discover this amazing
opportunity provided by CIFRE-Brazil program.”
First Cifre-Brazil examples
PhD Student – Raissa DE MELO BRANDÃO
“I am glad to be helpful with the promotion of the Cifre-Brazil fellowship program.”
First Cifre-Brazil examples
PhD Student – Marcos Eduardo GOMES BORGES
under assessment
Companies already interested,
some are looking for candidates
I do a lot of promotion, but French as the Brazilian
I need you to …
- Find Brazilian candidates
Build Company-laboratory partnerships
- Build Co-tutelle (not obliged but interesting)
Then give me your email or write me at [email protected]
Join us to build one of most amazing
France Brazil partnership
More information, some questions ?
• [email protected][email protected]

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