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Global Perspective
• There are 1.4 billion people in our
world living off less than $1.25 a
• 1 billion more suffer from ‘Hidden
Hunger’ – where they don’t have
enough of the vitamins and
minerals they need for a healthy,
balanced diet.
• The majority of those going
hungry are actually poor farmers.
What This Means
It is often the smallscale farmer who
cannot produce
enough food to eat
or sell.
…having just 80 cents a day to cover your:
Shift the Balance
There are millions and millions of
people around the world working hard
with what they have, but without the
resources or opportunities to
They are full of potential and
determination, but with a lack of
resources that could help give them a
hand up to help unleash that
What is The Salvation Army Doing?
The Salvation Army is
helping these small-scale,
rural farmers through
animal and agricultural
projects which help farmers
support themselves and
their families.
Margaret Banda
A few years ago, Margaret was
struggling to support her and her
family, living off just 200 Malawian
Kwacha (75 cents) a day.
Margaret joined a Salvation Army
microcredit programme and with an
initial loan of 7,000 Malawian Kwacha
(About $18) set up her own business.
Margaret Banda
She now earns
between 2,000 & 2,500
Kwacha ($5-7) a day –
ten times as much as
she earned before.
Major Bert Lapera
Major Bert Lapera is a Salvation
Army Officer in Calloocan in the
Philippines. He is helping the
community improve their
income and lives.
He is helping to shift the
balance in his community by
empowering people with the
skills he has to help them lift
themselves out of poverty.
Major Bert Lapera
Bert helps people in the
community make cleaning
products to use and sell to
help them earn an
The co-operative also sells
a variety of products – all
members get a discount
as well as a share of the
How you can help
Shift the balance…
…of knowledge
Help us to raise awareness
of the injustice that exists in
our world and what we can
do to change it.
Shift the balance…
…of inequality
It’s not right that so many women
in our world don’t have the same
opportunities to earn a living as
men and are therefore usually the
poorest. Many of our
programmes focus on the
empowerment of women, so by
supporting our programs you are
also supporting the fight for
gender equality.
Shift the balance…
…of wealth:
Give money to help people
access small loans, grants and
skills training to help the
poorest people get on their
feet and work their own way
out of poverty.
Shift the balance…
Spread the word
Share online
Use social media
Fundraise for a livelihood
Join the chick effect
Buy Fair trade
Grow your own
Eat seasonably
Waste less
Contact us:
(02) 9266 9774
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