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The Right Answer When You Need Peace of Mind
About Lone Star
Lone Star was Founded in 2004
in Dallas, Texas
Clients Include
Dept. of Defense, NASA, AT&T and Hewlett
Packard & Many Others
We Took Decision Analysis,
Modeling and Simulation Tools to
the 4th Generation
For the Past 7 Years Our Annual
Growth Rate Has Exceeded 50%
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Price To Win Overview
Lone Star has gained a reputation for delivering insightful
analysis, advice and support leading to improved operational
performance, monetary savings and risk reduction
Lone Star provides Price To Win solutions that are integral to
your strategic capture and business development process by
delivering high confidence answers at critical gate reviews
Value of the Lone Star Approach:
More Robust Understanding of the Competitive Environment
Improved Understanding of Customer Requirements and Risk Profile
Enhanced Win Strategy
Documented and Defensible Pricing Estimates
Improved Probability of Win (Pwin)
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Solution Area
Strategy, Planning & Policy:
Finance and Risk
Operations & Processes:
Acquisition & Procurement:
Program Development
& Execution:
Technology & Product
Lifecycle Support:
Example Offerings
Accurate insight into the impact of a new strategic or tactical mandate or how a
policy may impact your organization or program
True quantification of the financial impact and degree of risk associated with
actions or events for organizations and programs
Complete awareness of the impact of contracting approach and performance
tradeoffs including elements such as “should cost”, “could cost”, system
performance, and other parameters
Conscious understanding of the true “Price To Win”, critical
competitive performance thresholds, strategic execution elements
and other operational choices
Objective presentation of expected business and technical results and risks driven
by advanced requirements based market simulations, six degree of freedom
(6DOF) models, and other techniques
Marketing & Business
Critical awareness of essential market, segment and customer knowledge
through competitive influenced uptake simulations, probability-of-win analysis
and other competitive insight
Mergers & Acquisitions:
Objective competitive valuations based on individual bidding participants
including “price of indifference” per bidder as well as other market and target
Lone Star’s PTW Modeling and Simulation Capability Delivers
The Right Answer to Our Clients in Highly Competitive Environments
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Price To Win Process
Define RFP Requirements,
Issues & Biases
Determine Most Suitable
PTW Methodology
Identify, Collect and
Analyze Data Needs
Refine Competitive
Intelligence and Win
Strategy Information
Create Competitive
Develop Source Selection
Generate Prediction for
Applicable Methodologies
& Competitors
Integrate Methodologies
& Create Final Prediction
Create Source Selection
Evaluation Model
This best practice process is used to narrow the
playing field, identify who is legitimately
in the game, and provide a PTW in
which you can have confidence
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Determine PTW for a
Desired P-win
Price To Win
Tools and Data Sets
Lone Star has developed
industry leading tools to deliver
the right answer for PTW
Lone Star maintains proprietary
databases on a number of
TruNavigator ™
TRL/MRL impact
Contract approach
AUR cost histories
Component Costs
Lone Star subscribes to leading
Industry databases
Deltek (Input)
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Price To Win Offerings
Opportunity Pursuit
the Customer)
Win Strategy
(Bid/No Bid)
Proposal Review
(Bid Approval)
Program Start-Up
(Post Submittal)
Black Hat/Win Strategy Support
Pursue/No Pursue PTW
Design To Cost Target PTW
Bid Decision PTW
Lone Star’s cutting edge capabilities, trained personnel and SMEs
are matched to your pursuit across the entire capture cycle
Copyright Lone Star Aerospace, Inc. 2012
Black Hat/Win Strategy Support
– Lone Star’s Black Hat/Win Strategy support services
focus on helping capture teams go beyond merely
responding to the RFP – We Help You Win
– Our network of SMEs provides you with critical and
reliable Competitive Intel
Services include:
• Competitive Assessments
• Black Hat/Win Strategy Workshops
• Market Profiles
– Time to Deliver: Typically 4-6 weeks
Copyright Lone Star Aerospace, Inc. 2012
Pursue/No Pursue PTW Offering
— Lone Star’s Pursue/No Pursue PTW Offering provides
capture teams with early price predictions to support
Pursue/No Pursue decisions early in the capture
— This is a cost-effective means that identifies
legitimate competitors, saving you time, money, and
valuable resources
– Time to Deliver: Typically 3-4 weeks
Copyright Lone Star Aerospace, Inc. 2012
Design To Cost Target PTW Offering
– Lone Star’s Design To Cost Target PTW Offering
provides PTW predictions based on a
comprehensive Competitive Intelligence and
sensitivity analysis to help drive Capture teams to
a Winning Solution
– This offering establishes a Design To Cost Target
PTW prior to Proposal Kickoff
– Time to Deliver: Typically 4-6 weeks
Copyright Lone Star Aerospace, Inc. 2012
Bid Decision PTW Service Offering
– Lone Star’s Bid Decision PTW Offering provides a high
fidelity Price To Win that fully utilizes models, gaming,
and SME support
– Improved Probability of Win for Strategic and Must
Win Pursuits
– Time to Deliver – Typically 6-8 weeks
Copyright Lone Star Aerospace, Inc. 2012
Customers and Results
• Here are examples of how Lone Star has provided
positive, cost-saving and revenue enhancing results
for our Customers:
— Should cost and business case analysis on multiple
weapons platforms led to increased cost realism
and forward movement by the target customers
— Development and production Price To Win for
precision guided weapons and defense electronics
programs led to multiple wins on Strategic, Must
Win programs
— Price To Win resulted in a contract award for
systems engineering support in pursuit of an
advanced warhead design
— Price To Win in pursuit of multiple large weapons
systems programs led to multiple wins deemed
strategic to the company
Copyright Lone Star Aerospace, Inc. 2012
— Lone Star’s reputation for delivering accurate analysis
and strategic recommendations leads our clients to
improved operational performance, monetary savings
and risk reduction
— Lone Star’s Price To Win processes, tools and highly
qualified personnel provide a Best-in-Class option for
clients across their capture process
— Lone Star has a proven track record of improving our
clients Probability of Win (Pwin) in Must Win competitive
We look forward to having a discussion about
your markets and pursuit challenges
Copyright Lone Star Aerospace, Inc. 2012
Contact Information
HQ Address……..Lone Star
4555 Excel Parkway
Suite 500
Addison, TX 75001
Main #......……….(972) 690-9494
Web Address…
Price To Win Services
Pamela R. Ireland
Business Development
Mobile. (214) 799-3836
E-mail. [email protected]
Ricardo Lopez
Price To Win
Mobile. (817) 825-7802
E-mail. [email protected]
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