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OneSource Solutions™
"We Bring Convenience to Life"
One Stop Shopping for Connecting all your Home Services !
(Gas, Electric, Water, Phone, TV, Internet, and many more…)
You make the SELECTIONS, we make the CONNECTIONS!
How will your client learn
that this service is available?
It’s imperative that your client
is aware that OneSource
Solutions will be contacting
We encourage you to submit
your referral a minimum of 10
Days in advance of the closing
We need your client’s name,
phone number, and closing date.
We also need the referring parties
Contact Information.
OneSource Solutions is referred by:
Home Inspectors
Real Estate Agencies/Agents
Relocation Companies
Mortgage Companies
Title Companies
Moving Companies
Military Relocation
And several other service providers…
Our Goal is to help you make your choices in
a friendly, relaxed setting.
The OneSource Process:
1. Select
Our Advisors identify the Providers in
your area and help you select the best
options from name brands that you know
and trust.
3. Track
2. Order
We collect any needed information
then submit your orders to the
appropriate provider.
Following your call, we send you
written confirmation, and track
the progress of your orders. After your
move we follow up to ensure your satisfied.
Our Guarantee:
OneSource will stay with you from the time you order your
services to the time the job is completed…Guaranteed!
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I refer my client?
Via Website:
You can call us at1-877-274-8632 and provide us
with your client’s information.
Or you can fax the information to us at:
Or you can email your information to:
[email protected]
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you protect my client’s privacy?
We collect the same information that the utility
companies will require. In most cases the utility
companies will require your client’s social security
number, date of birth, place of employment, etc.
Your client’s information will only be shared with those
companies that your client has approved. We do not
sell/trade your client’s information.
*Please review our Privacy Policy posted on our Website
Frequently Asked Questions
Are you trying to sell anything to my
We will provide a relaxed, friendly environment
for your client.Your client will choose which
services he/she wants. We do not push any one
service. We compare services side by side so the
customer can choose which services fit their
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I ensure my client’s have their home
services connected by their closing date?
To ensure timely connections of all your client’s
services it’s important to refer your client a minimum
of 10 days in advance of the closing date. These
companies do not look favorably upon last minute
connections or what we call short orders. Another
reason to get the referral early is to satisfy any backlogs
these companies may be experiencing.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know my client has been serviced?
You will receive a confirmation which includes all of
the services your client has chosen to connect.You
will receive an email confirmation as well as fax to
Your office.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you disconnect any services?
We will provide this service when the companies
we work with allow us to do so. Most of the providers
will request the customer do this…the companies may
want to ensure that any outstanding balances are
satisfied. In many cases we are able to do disconnects
when the client is reconnecting/transferring service
with the same company.
Frequently Asked Questions
Which Areas do you Service?
Our service is available Nation Wide.
Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if my Client’s Closing Date
If your client’s closing date changes just contact us via
email or phone and we will call the home services
that we connected and request the date change.
*Please notify OneSource Connections immediately
if the closing date changes.
*We will stay with your client from start to finish.
Frequently Asked Questions
What are your hours of operation?
Normal business hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CST.
Monday through Friday.
We are also available after these hours and on Saturday and Sunday
via emergency contact numbers.
*We do set Saturday and Sunday appointments for clients that need these days.
Call: 877-274-8632
Email: [email protected]
John Leach
OneSource Solutions

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