Calendar 2014 - 2015 - London Psychodrama Network

Our evenings are experiential psychodrama events. We offer a different director every month and we
invite people to attend as often as they wish ... To have as many tasters as they like.
Each evening is two and a half hours long to allow time for people to share what they think and feel at the
end ... and ask questions … Come along!
CPD hours are available from some presenters – please ask for details.
During the year we aim to put on one or two special events with presenters from
within the network and further afield.
Watch for notice of exciting events coming throughout the year and please check the website!
Open Session
Dr Dusan Potkonjak
There will be no pre-arranged theme, we will explore together
spontaneous development of a group, and interests and needs of
present group members. Then when there is enough motivation
we will explore it on the psychodrama stage, in a safe and
supportive way. It can be one scene or several scenes. Then we
will share and later we will again follow group interest and explore
it on the psychodrama stage.
Open Session
Dr Olivia Lousada
Moreno, the founder of Psychodrama ran open sessions in New
York in the 1960/70ies. To these events anybody was invited to
come, participate in and witness a psychodrama session, where the
theme of the evening was chosen by the work which those present
brought with themselves.
The London Psychodrama Network would like to link to this
experience and invites you to a safe, structured exploration of
whatever those present might bring to the group to work with and
reflect on. Come and be amazed at how the individual concern can
reflect that of the group in many ways, even if some of the group
have not met each other before.
‘Envisaging Transitions’
Kirsten Hubert
There are transitions at many levels in life, and some of them are
hard to pre-sage, envisage or think about. We may be starting a
new job, course, life phase, or relationship. This evening will take a
look at how we can use psychodramatic methods to help us to
think about such transitions.
No Meeting – Happy Holidays
Open Session
Dr Dusan Potkonjak
This evening has no pre- arranged theme. We will warm up
together and follow the spontaneity and creativity of the group in a
safe and supportive way. This will be an open evening in true
psychodramatic style.
For further details please visit our website:
‘Not Enough Time’
Richard Oliver
‘Sharing Stories with Playback Theatre’
If only there was more time available, then we might get
everything done without rushing or worrying. During this
evening, we will look at what happens when we have too
much to do. What do those around us feel about this? What
are we doing to ourselves?
Sharing stores is, of course, what we do when we work on our
issues and personal obstacles in the group context of a
psychodrama process. Playback Theatre creates a context where
personal stories can be shared in a public space. These stories are
volunteered and can be everyday experiences as well as extraordinary moments, happy or sad. This evening, we will share
stories in this way…through Playback Theatre.
Through getting in touch with our natural playfulness, creativity
and spontaneity, we will be both tellers and performers under the
guidance of Veronica.
Veronica Needa
Janine Turkie
This workshop will explore our feelings in relation to luck.
Do we think of ourselves as lucky or unlucky in life? When
do you feel you have been lucky or very unlucky? At times
we all feel "If only..." Do you think we have any influence
over events which seem to be ‘down to luck’?
‘Spontaneity in Everyday Life!’
Chip Chimera
This evening’s psychodramatic explorations will follow the
spontaneity of the group. In our approach spontaneity is not
impulsiveness or risk taking but an exploration of new and
appropriate responses to those old bug-bears, niggles and
worries. It is reflection in action. Come and warm up to an
evening of connection and reconnection.
‘Clean Up Your Relationship’
Dr Maxine Daniels and Kirstin Hubert
Have you ever wondered why we keep repeating the same
patterns in relationships and the confines of our existence
with or without the other? This evening will give you the
opportunity to work out those patterns and help you to
think about any changes you would like to make in your life
by spring cleaning aspect of your life.
Open Session
Edna Davies and Olivia Lousada
This open session invites you to experience the framework of
psychodrama in a group and how it moves towards warming up to
the present moment as this is the only moment in which we can
create change. In so doing it influences the future and how we
think about the past. So there is no chosen theme beyond this
framework as we will see what we find the group needs to explore
at the time. This will increase our spontaneity to the moment and
our creativity towards the unexpected.
Arrive at 6.45pm for 7pm ... The evening ends at 9.30pm
Lancaster Hall Hotel, 35 Craven Terrace, W2 3EL
The nearest tube is Lancaster Gate on the Central Line.
Also accessible from Paddington
£15 per person, £10 students and unwaged, payment will be on the door.
Just reserve a place in advance by visiting our website
You can have as many tasters as you like!
Those who book more than 3 events at once, get 1 evening free

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