Integrating Feminist and Response-Based Practice at Kaishees Place

Response Based Practice
at the
Yukon Women’s Transition Home Society
Renee Claude Carrier, Assistant
Executive Director [email protected]
Barbara McInerney, Executive Director
[email protected]
We extend greetings from the beautiful Yukon!
Betty’s Haven
Opened September 2013
Barbara McInerney
Executive Director
Yukon Women’s
Transition Home
Heavy Equipment
Operator/ Driller
Renee-Claude Carrier
Activist Counsellor
A-D. Kaushees Place
Yukon Women’s
Transition House
Extreme Athlete
Home Builder
Montagnais Nation
Voices and Experience of Women in the Community
• Based on human rights
• Interactional analysis
• Violence against women is a gender based
• Feminist foundation that women are the
Stewarts of their life and it’s journey
• Allan, Cathy, Ann, Kelly and all the brilliant
women we work with
Erin and Trina
Response Based
• Response Based approach has supported us in
maintaining our critical analysis in seeing the
women and children we work with, our coworkers and ourselves as active agents
responding to situations and preserving
Feminism meets Response Based
• Violence against women is a gender based
crime rooted in gender inequality
• Women are the Stewarts of their lives and
their journey
• Preserve dignity
• We are activists who are required to work
towards positive social change for ourselves
and others
Integrating into our team
• Analysis of news paper articles and books
• Changing the language on forms and other
• Debriefing
• Team building
• Acknowledge the leaders on the team who
could effectively re-frame
Integrating into our work
• Response based approach with women
• Reframing using Response Base Practice
• Response based with mothers vs mother
• Creating a safe environment for mothers to
Integrating into our work
• We work in the women’s home
• Privilege - know when to yield
• We are not teaching, giving tools or helping
we are an ally to strategize with
• Responding to non-compliance
Vicarious trauma or asshole
• Does this work harm us?
• Model for silencing women
• Realities of violence against women vs
preserved trauma
Staff Evaluation
• Use of Response Based Practice in
management and evaluations
• How staff respond is important
• Preservation of dignity
• We are the experts in our field
• Relationship with self and others
Response Base Practice
The staff at Kaushee’s Place follow several principles that take into account
the need of women and children to experience dignity.
• Self-analysis: We must be willing to examine our own ideas and practice.
• Critical analysis: It is important to contest victim-blaming and motherblaming in all forms.
• We do not judge people by their past.
• Every time a woman returns to the transition house with her family, we
see it as a fresh start, as though it were their first visit.
• We let the women and children decide what they want to do and talk
• We believe in the women and what they say.
• We take a pro-choice attitude regardless of our personal beliefs.
In this context, women parent in safety.
• Barbara McInerney
[email protected]
• Renee Claude Carrier
• [email protected]
Thank you for the
work you do

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