Creating *How Might We* Statements

Creating “How Might We” Statements 
Where We Are in the Design Thinking
What are “How Might We” Statements?
 Definitions –
 Optimistic, human-centered, generative statements
that are used to brainstorm
 Tools we use to generate possible solutions to our
user’s need
 Criteria –
 Not too broad (ex. How might we save the world?)
 Not too narrow (ex. How might we wake up using an
alarm clock?)
 HMW’s should take you in many different directions
What are “How Might We” Statements?
 As Metaphor
 HMW’s are like coral reefs because they start as
small nuggets and expand to large things
What are “How Might We” Statements?
HMW Statements in Practice
 POV: “Studious socially awkward student needs
structured opportunities to socialize because he is
often made fun of and wants to make friends”
 HMW Statements:
 How might we diversify afterschool programs to
attract more students?
 How might we ensure that afterschool programs
focus on social interaction?
 How might we better connect socially awkward
students to other kids?
Critical Attributes to Creating Good HMW
 Where did you struggle in creating a HMW?
 Basing the statement on my feelings/perspective
 Generalizing for a group and not the person, loses focus
 A weak POV can lead to a weak HMW
 Feature creep
 What did you or your partner do or say that made it
easier to create a HMW?
Breaking the POV into pieces and focusing on one section
at a time
Trying for a simple HMW
Hearing multiple HMWs that cover a lot of bases gave me
different possibilities that I could use as models

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