Term 1 Pirates - Hartpury C of E Primary School

“Ahoy m’hearties”
Writing Pirate stories,
Labelling diagrams, writing lists and
letters, looking at a focused Author
and their stories.
Reading, writing, counting
numbers, addition and
subtraction, 2D & 3D Shapes,
more/less than, fractions.
History/ Geography ICT
We will be learning
about compass points,
maps & globes.
Also looking at Famous
pirates from around the
Taught by
Miss Keen.
We will be learning the
importance of E-safety
and why we use
Designing personal Treasure
Chests and Pirate ships,
Making clay Pirate medallions
We will be starting with
Fundamentals. Developing
skills of movement and
balance with control.
We will be focusing
on ‘Who made the
World?’ & learning about
the Harvest.
Practising our
and painting skills.
We will be focusing on
instructions and
Looking at marine animals,
types of bird and even
Trips & Workshops
We are hoping to have a trip to
Gloucester/ Bristol docks to visit a real
pirate ship.
If you are available to help out
Let us know.
Special Days
Pirate Day – come to school dressed
as a pirate and solve pirate problems
and challenges in teams… or walk
the plank! (Date TBC)
Welcome back Class 2!
I hope you all enjoyed the Summer break and are ready for the year ahead! This letter is
to inform you about what we do in Class 2, if there is anything that is unclear or you have
any other questions or queries – please do not hesitate to contact me at school or via
email: [email protected]
The Classroom
Over the summer I have been working really hard to transform the classroom into an
exciting and inspiring learning environment; we have a special topic role play area in the
classroom, which will change for each topic. At the moment it is set up as a pirate ship for
the children to go in and sail the seven seas. Also we have a treasure chest and sand pit
to use and practice fine motor skills of using equipment to find treasure as well as a small
worlds tray with a desert island and pirate ship and figures to use. Our reading area is a
den, guarded by 2 friendly dragons. On some of the windows are waterfalls; showing all
our everyday words, to help us spell them correctly and number bonds to 10 and 20, to
help us learn key facts for calculations. We even have a tree that touches the ceiling – the
apples contain capital and lower case letters to help us match them up & the pears
contain numbers so we can check we have written them the correct way around. Oh and
not forgetting Dotty our cuddly class dog and her new pup, Spotty, who looks after our
classroom when we are not in it.
Spellings for this term will be given out on Friday, please check the date of the test above
the list. For this term Year 1 children will be issued 5 words to learn whilst they get used to
the routine. Year 2 children will be issued 10 words to learn. Spelling tests will always take
place on a Friday morning, spelling books will come home on Friday so you can see which
words need to be practised further. This need to be returned and handed in by Thursday.
Reading Books
Children can have as many reading books per week as you would like, please feel free to
change your books before or after school. Children will have a colour sticker on the front
of their reading record book so you know which books are the right level for your child.
Children will be given a mental maths target to practise, this will be noted in their yellow
communication book. The children earn a bronze, silver and gold star then are given a
new target to work on. These are also kept on the front of their maths books. The targets
may be writing certain numbers correctly, learning number bonds or times tables off by
heart. Occasionally there might be an online activity or game pack sent home (there will
be a note sent home in this case).
Other information
Please ensure all your belongings are named to avoid confusion, anything unclaimed will
be placed in lost property at the end of the day. If you have any pirate books/toys/figures
we could use this term please bring them and make sure your name is on them.
Many thanks
Miss Rock

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