Adam Summer Research Projects for MBBS Students

Summer Research Projects
for MBBS Students
Adam Kara, BSc (Hons)
Phase 3
King’s College London School of Medicine
at Guy’s, King’s & St. Thomas’ Hospitals
Department of Craniofacial
Development & Stem Cell Biology
Miletich (Sharpe) Group
• Large and highly active lab
• Investigation of a range of topics, all concerned
with craniofacial development (sensory organs,
palate, dental, salivary glands, bone, muscle,
bioengineering etc.)
• iBSc programmes, and new MSc programme
• Weekly lab meetings and seminars
• (Spectacular views of St. Paul’s from my bench!)
Why did I apply for a studentship?
• Continuation of iBSc project
• Funded (8 week) project
• Study of a specific topic/question in depth—become an expert
• Opportunity to contribute and learn something truly new
• Develop portfolio and area of interest
What did I do?
• RNA in situ hybridization
• Immunohistochemistry
• Tissue slice culture (teeth can be grown in slices!)
• Dissection (adult/embryo mice)
• Microscopy
• Gel electrophoresis
• Plasmid isolation (from E. coli)
Tooth bud
Summer research: get started
• Use the KCL webpages to find a supervisor
• Identify an area of interest: do an SSC, read around the subject
• Continuation of intercalated BSc work/SSC?
• Things to consider: time and project planning, play to your strengths,
computer skills, maths, be sure to have some fun
• Dr. Isabelle Miletich, Prof. Paul Sharpe
• Dept. of Craniofacial Development and Stem Cell Biology
• Alison Liu and CARS committee

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