CQC inspections: What have we learnt from it?

CQC inspections: What have we
learnt from it?
Claire McAllister, Clinical and
Contracts Manager, Rodericks
Let’s meet Claire...
• Dentistry background
• 25 years
• Started work as a trainee dental nurse at the age
of 16
• Nurse trainer
• Head nurse
• Practice Manager
• Area Manager
• What is Claire’s role now?
Rodericks Limited
• Rodericks is a dental corporate
• 52 dental practices over a wide geographical
• All of these are NHS practices
- Because Rodericks has had over 25 CQC
Types of CQC inspections we have had
• Rodericks has now had 3 different types of
• Pre compliance
• Pre opening inspection
• 30 compliance inspections
• How has Claire been involved?
Pre compliance visit
Why did this come about?
What happened?
Staff training records
Cross infection procedures for outcome 8
What was learnt from this visit?
• Inspector was very impressed with our
complaints process/cross-infection process
• Reinforced our understanding of compliance
• Were we interpreting the guidance correctly?
Pre-opening inspection
• Documentation inspection
• Walked around the building – looked at
disabled access/private area/
decontamination rooms/surgeries
/recruitment process
• Asked us to explain how we thought we were
What was learnt from this visit?
Interpreting the guidance correctly?
Assessor’s opinion?
Evidence demonstration?
Did they explain a compliance visit and how
this would work?
• What did we need to do? Staff training?
• CQC Outcomes /Mental Capacity Act / Child
Protection / Equality & Diversity / Fire safety
Compliance Visits
• A lot of the visit was based around outcomes
1, 2 4, 7, 8, 16 and 17
• Did they give you any details?
• Given 24 – 48 hours notice
• Longest visit was 7 hours long!
• Shortest visit was 2 hours (by same person
who had visited 3 of our sites before)
• Happy to work around the dentist diary
Visit overview
• Observed reception team / spoke to patients in
the waiting room
• Walk around with the practice manager
• Looked at paperwork
• Selected patient to interview
• Interviewed dentist in surgery
• Interviewed Dental nurse in surgery
• Observed them in decontamination room
• Looked for items in the action plan
• Gave feedback
So, who is the inspector?
from the
Background of assessors
Ex-military policemen
Ex-care home mangers
Complaints ombudsman
Each person has a different approach
To illustrate?
• Dentists?
What did they look at?
• Care home managers?
What did they look at?
Some opening introductions?
Some shocking opening introductions!
Conflicting advice and views
For instance?
CRB evidence / pre employment/ enhanced /
standard / length held etc?
What have we learnt?
How to plan for future visits
Have certain paperwork ready
Prep staff
Example: Member staff said they’d had no
What have we implemented?
• Carrying out procedures, but could not prove
• Staff training
• Signed log sheets

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