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Sally Menadue
Principal, O’Sullivan Beach School
phone 83825888
[email protected]
What are we doing that is making a difference?
Every teacher is responsible for every child’s learning
outcomes – we are a team
We identify and select best practise to achieve optimum
Our teachers take immediate action when faced with
learning needs rather than waiting for a referral to take
We focus on individual strengths, therefore developing a
positive self-esteem in our learners
We no longer expect our outcomes to be the ‘same’ as
previous years as we have changed our approaches and
demand improvement
Implemented and sustained a whole school belief and
approach to pedagogy – we look for trouble in our data –
if students are not learning what we have taught, why?
We have a zero tolerance of failure – we take action when
our targets are not met
Our rigorous scrutiny and interrogation of our data is
followed by proactive approach – immediate action
O’Sullivan Beach School
‘If our students don’t learn the way
we teach them, then we must teach
them the way they learn’.
Is it really as simple as that?
O’Sullivan Beach school is “Dyslexia Friendly”
Leadership and management – Opportunities for
“teacher talk”, whole school approach
Partnership – Home-school-home, open/honest
and timely communication
Teaching and learning – R3, 3-7 Ability grouping,
assessment for and of learning, specific
programmes (Jolly Phonics), knowledgeable and
informed teachers, data to inform and practise
Classroom environment – Multi-sensory, ICT,
safe learning environment, conducive to risk
All students across our school are benefiting from our obvious, but effective whole school approaches to classroom pedagogy. We see
dyslexia as a learning difference rather than a learning difficulty. Our core business is inclusion – making our strategies motivate, engage
and empower all learners.
Quality intervention, multi-sensory, whole school agreements, flexible, adaptive and responsive pedagogy, ability grouping
Our school culture
Everyone is important and valued
High expectations for all learners
Differentiation of the way content is taught
Highly organised and structured classrooms
Step by step instructions
Pause time
Learners to be the best they can be
Our teachers:
• Are patient, take time to listen and are
enthusiastic about teaching
• Ask questions to check for understanding
• Create peaceful learning environments where risk
taking is an expectation
• Show as well as tell and allow students to be
What have I noticed?
Students are excited to share their achievements with each other
Students are learning to learn – what suits their individual style best
Students are openly seeking feedback about their progress and setting achievable
Students are taking ownership and responsibility for their behaviour for learning
students are choosing to support each other in their learning
Students feel valued as individuals
Students re empowered and confident in their risk taking
Peer relationships have strengthened across our school
Teachers empowered by talking openly about learning outcomes
Increased attendance rates and increased parental confidence
Significant NAPLAN data improvement in the current Year 4 cohort – reading and
Incidents in behaviour management declining significantly
Increased student self-esteem and engagement in learning
High quality intervention programmes impacting on every student

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