December 2014 Newsletter (Click Here)

Pamlico Divers Newsletter 2014
Our Christmas season sale starts Monday Dec.1st and runs until Christmas!
We will offer you 20% off most items in stock. All new t-shirts, hoodies, and long sleeves will be in around
the 2nd week in December.
We will have some new shirt colors too. Remember we offer gift certificates that your family or friends can
purchase for you to use toward classes, charters, equipment, and air fills. We will have a gift registry if you
would rather list items that someone can purchase for you as a Christmas gift. Divers come put down what
you want and we will help your family member pick it out.
Pamlico Divers Newsletter 2014
Pamlico Divers has had a
heck of a year diving with
everyone. We are looking
forward to next year and
already planning it. Yes it
will be a long cold winter
but we will be ready when
it starts to warm up. This
newsletter is about a few
things we did this year
and things we are looking
forward to next year.
We had some productive charters
out to slay flounder over the
summer months. One day was
better than all the others. On this
day we shot a cooler full of huge
flounder including this monster
killed by Ryan. As always, we eat
what we shoot and they were
great! Sometimes we even cook
and ate ate them right at the
Our annual ERDI class went
really well early in the spring.
We certified a few different
recovery teams during this
course over a long three day
period. We will host another
one of these in the spring! If
you are involved in rescue,
law enforcement, or fire
service this may be the class
for you.
Pamlico Divers Newsletter 2014
Coastal Carolina Divers is a dive club that does great things for the community. Our yearly club dues of $25 goes towards
several charities in our area. In past years we have donated to the Tedi Bear Children’s Advocacy Center, East Carolina
Artificial Reef Association (ECARA), Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba (SUDS) among others. This is funded only by our
$25 dues. During the year, we meet once a month to eat and talk diving. Some months we have guest speakers and
movie nights. We are in need of new membership to help these great charities. We meet at a local restaurant the third
Monday night of each month and it’s kid friendly. We invite you to come out and see what we are doing. If you like it then
join us the following month.

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