D of E presentation - The Rushden Community College

• Our first aim was to observe as much wildlife as
possible varying from in a field to alongside the
canal bank.
• Another aim was to try and complete the walk on
each day as quickly and efficiently as possible.
• And lastly, we aimed to work well together as a
team and communicate.
The first piece of wildlife we saw, a
blackbird on day 1.
Cows we saw in a field on day
A heron we saw along the canal
bank on day 2.
Ducks we saw in the canal on
day 2.
Sheep we saw in a field on day
On day one we walked from a village called Cold Ashby to Sibertoft.
We walked 8 miles and it took us around 6 Hours. It wasn’t too hard,
but knowing that we have got to walk 12 miles tomorrow made it
seem that we hadn’t walked far at all today and that tomorrow was
going to be twice as hard. In the evening we joined with the other
silver group and played rounders (the girls won)
On day two we walked from Sibertoft, through Foxton Locks and
to the Waterloo campsite in Market Harborough.
Right at the beginning of the day we had to walk through a
rapeseed field, this ended up with us being covered in cuts, but it
was quite a fun and different way to start the day. We aimed to
stop for lunch at Foxton Locks and we did. We walked for 12
miles and it took us about 8 hours, this was the hardest day of
all three. It was so nice to get to the campsite at the end of the
day, we even played golf.
Day three we walked from Waterloo campsite through an
aviation museum to Drougton Village where we finally finished.
For the whole of day there both of the silver groups joined
together and it was nice to work with and talk to different

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