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You may not know
about FamilyWise,
but you should!
FamilyWise is an incredible,
local nonprofit that helps
children and families from all
walks of life who are in crisis or
experiencing difficult times.
FamilyWise has been
keeping children safe and
helping families lead stable,
healthy and productive lives
since 1976.
Through education, skill
building and coaching, we help
families who are struggling with
complex challenges, such as
poverty, family violence, drug
and alcohol abuse and
Last year, more than 2,000 of our community’s
most vulnerable individuals turned to
FamilyWise for help.
Over 1,000 of these were children.
About 90% of our families live below the poverty
line and two-thirds are from communities of color.
At FamilyWise we believe that every child deserves
the same chance at life, whatever their economic or
ethnic background may be.
Our programs vary, but the end result is the same. We take
complex problems that affect families and work with them to create
solutions that will sustain them throughout their lives.
Our Programs
• Parenting Education
• Supervised Visitation & Safe Exchanges
• Wraparound
• First Step Early Childhood Education Center
• Bright Beginnings Young Parent Services
We know that great parents aren’t born, they’re taught. That’s why
Parent Education is a part of everything we do. Giving parents the
tools to be effective parents significantly improves children’s
chances for a better future. We work one-on-one with parents in
their home or other community-based settings to create a safe,
nurturing home environment.
FamilyWise is the largest provider of Supervised Visitation & Safe
Exchanges in the state. We provide a safe, neutral place for
families to come together during difficult child custody situations, as
well as in cases of family separation or family violence. We also
increase safety for adults by limiting the opportunities for conflict.
The goal of Wraparound is to prevent kids with significant mental
health issues from ending up in residential treatment or correctional
facilities. Our staff brings together both family supports and
professionals to work on a unified plan, goal by goal. The process
doesn’t fix a family; it teaches them how to manage their own
crises. We are the only credentialed program in the Twin Cities and
one of only a couple in the state.
First Step, our nationally-accredited childcare center, gives kids the
foundation for a life of learning and prepares parents to support
learning. Kids who aren’t ready often feel a sense of failure in
school, which perpetuates their learning issues and increases their
risk for dropping out. First Step is open for all children ages 6
weeks to 5 years and is recognized with the Parent Aware Four
Star Rating!
Parenting can be tough–especially for young moms and dads who
haven’t had positive role models themselves. Our Bright
Beginnings Young Parent Services gives pregnant or parenting
moms and dads the tools to become the best parents they can be.
We provide parent and health education, life skills, and group
support. For those who wish, a caring volunteer mentor is matched
with them for additional support.
Volunteer with us!
We have one-time, on-going, group and individual opportunities!
“Volunteering at FamilyWise opened my eyes to a whole new world
where children and families from all walks of life are treated with
dignity and respect. It made me feel good to know that I was
contributing in a meaningful way to the greater good.”
Each year, more than 50 interns
work in our programs while pursuing
their degrees; gaining hands-on
experience while helping our
families achieve their goals. Interns
are an integral part of our work and
come from more than 20 area
colleges and universities.
Ways to Get Involved
• Share your professional experience
• Adopt-a-Family
• Serve on our Board of Directors
• Donate! Especially during “Give to the Max Day”
• Become a Mentor
Where does the money
come from to run
Just like our families, we do a
lot with a little. While
FamilyWise receives funding
from United Way and
government contracts, we
also rely on donations from
individuals and companies.
Our annual Keep Kids Safe
Golf Classic and other
fundraising events bring in
much-needed funding to serve
more children and families.
We also have fun and engage
corporate volunteers!
About FamilyWise
• $2 Million Annual Operating Budget
• 45 Full & Part-Time Staff
• 12 Board of Directors (Volunteers)
• 300+ Volunteers & Interns each year
• Serves the 7 County Metro Area and the Homeless
Why FamilyWise?
We’re in the business of preserving families. We know that
parents love their children and want the best for them, but
sometimes life’s challenges get in the way and families need help
to get through the hard times. That’s why FamilyWise is here now
and for families to come…because we all need help sometimes.
We encourage you to tell your friends and family about
Please follow us on Twitter @FamilyWiseServ and LinkedIn and
“like” us at
To learn more about services and ways to get involved, visit

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