New Nurse Orientation

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New Nurse Orientation
Who are We:
We are a home health care and DME (Durable Medical Equipment)
company servicing patients in the state of Georgia
We were born in 2006 and have seen more than 20% growth over the year.
Our success as with any good company is in finding and maintaining skilled
and caring talent.
Welcome to our team!
Areas we serve:
North Georgia (Rome, Calhoun, Dalton, Cartersville, and the
North Georgia Mountains.
The greater Atlanta Area.
Middle Georgia (Riverdale, Jonesboro, Newnan, Griffin, Macon,
Athens Clarke, Oconee County areas.
How We Work:
Who Can Work with us:
An active Georgia License is required .
You must provide us with a copy of your:
 License,
CPR/first aid,
TB test results,
GA license,
Background Check results.
A signed Contract that includes agreed visit rates.
How We Work
Keeping your Credentials:
You must maintain an active status with the state license board.
We can not keep you on case if your documents are not kept up
to date.
How We Work
Getting On Assignment:
Your information is entered into our database by the specialist
We do not pay mileage. Cases are staffed within 20-30 minutes from your home or job
Some Special or difficult cases might offer premium rates.
Once a case is received, our staff will call or text with location and case type. We contact all
nurses in the area and the first to answer gets the case
Once Case accepted, you will receive an email with the Cases referral sheet, copy of initial
assessment, and visit note forms.
How We work:
Referral Sheet:
 This form contains all the information related to the case including patient demographics and treatment plan
 Often times, pertinent attachments including additional information that may be deemed necessary by your referral
 Once details are clear, we do expect you to contact the patient. Introduce yourself and indicate you are the home health
care nurse and you are with Contact Medical
 Each patient begins with a patient assessment. SEE THE PRESENTATION ON COMPLETING PATIENT VISIT NOTES.
Getting Paid:
Contact Medical’s pay period is every two weeks. See the “Payroll Pay date” document
Included in your nurse packet.
Invoice: You must turn in invoices detailing your visit times and dates. Some patients may
keep up with your visits.
Visit notes are required to be turned in for invoices to get submitted.
If you chose Direct Deposit: You must make sure that you turn in a direct deposit form or
submit a voided check.
If you chose a physical Check: We need current address on file at all times. We are not
responsible for checks delivered to the wrong locations.
Code of Conduct
All Nurses MUST sign a Nurse Affidavit for
patient care agreement. Please read carefully.
Contact US
You may Contact our office by phone 678-894-0129
Ext. 301 for intake or patient referral
Ext. 302 for case management
Ext. 304 for Durable Medical Equipment
Ext. 306 for personnel credentialing and recruitment
Our website is
Our email address is [email protected]
You have completed the
New Nurse orientation.
Thank You for taking this time to go through the new nurse orientation.
If you have any questions please contact our office
Please do not forget to see the Orientation on how to complete the
Evaluation forms.

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