Student Sustainability Groups

Student Sustainability Groups
November 18, 2014
Presenters: Gouri Mahadwar, Rachael Sanguinetti, Leslie
Wolf, Rose Richter, Jacob Post, Pablo Arroyo, Kara Lambson
Goal: Promote environmental awareness on campus through sustainability events and
cooperation with other environmental groups.
What we do:
• Monthly clothing exchange
• Recyclemania
• Earth Day
• Community outreach
• We just picked up 54 lbs of trash from the Genesee River with the Gandhi
• Co-sponsor events on campus
• Organize involvement with national organizations
• Worked with Sierra Club and for People’s Climate March
Pending: NYSP2I grant for rain garden
UR Microfarm
Mission: Increase dining sustainability while also educating Rochester community on
social justice issues surrounding food
Yearly activities: Work parties, general interest meetings
• Added new top soil to beds
• Increased awareness of group on campus
• Became an Urban Farm mentor at the Gandhi Institute
Future projects:
• Recyclemania
• Backyard farming lectures
• Spring work parties
• Spring planting
Mission Statement: (right)
Goals/What we do:
• Educate 28 freshmen accepted to the program on various
sustainability topics (Mon & Wed 6:30–7:30 pm classes)
• Have these educated freshmen perform hall programs and
have an “Eco-Board” to promote sustainability to fellow peers
• Lead committee projects (six in total) on campus along with
completing classwork
Current projects (to name a few):
• Plastic bag recycling program
• Cigarette dispensary additions
• Green office guide
• EcoRep handbook for faculty integration
Where we’re headed:
• End of the semester (planning for next semester)
• Final energy projects
Engineers for a
Sustainable World
Mission: To promote sustainability around campus through student led projects.
Current Projects:
• Campus rain garden
• Rice grinder
• Campus wind speed collection
• Bike-powered smoothie maker
• October Bra Drive for breast cancer awareness
• Sustainability with Kids (Meliora Weekend)
• Sustainability Seminar (Planned Spring 2015)
Engineers Without Borders
Who are we?
Where are we? Where are we headed?
• A student-run organization
• A chapter of EWB-USA, a nonprofit
humanitarian organization
What do we do?
• Our goal is to support communitydriven development programs
• We aid in the design and
implementation of sustainable
engineering projects
Current project:
• Don Juan, D.R. Water Project
• Don Juan is a rural town in the
Dominican Republic
• Our vision: A world in which the communities we
• We’re working to provide access to
serve can sustainably meet their basic human
clean, running water to the primary
school of “Escuela Taller Santa Maria
Josefa Rossello” affecting the greater
school community
Team Green
Team Green is a small group of students employed by Dining Services to improve
sustainability practices and serve as a liaison between students and Dining Services
• Clamshell program
• Reusable mug program
• Meatless Mondays at Douglass Dining Hall
• Local Foods Week (fall and spring)
• Sustainability education
• Resource for green groups
• Gathering student feedback on Dining Services’ sustainability initiatives
Contact: [email protected];
FacilitiesTeam Green
Facilities Team Green is a group of three student staff members
managed by the Facilities Recycling Coordinator.
Mission: To increase education and awareness of sustainability among the University
of Rochester community, with the goal of decreasing the University’s waste output and
increasing the recycling output.
• Green Dandelion blog
• UR Sustainable Facebook page
• GoGreen articles
• RecycleMania
• Game Day Recycling Challenge
• E-Cycle Day
• Shred Fest
• Move-out cleanout
University of Rochester's first special interest housing
dedicated to living sustainability
Our mission is to come together, learn from one
another, and do our best to lead lives of environmental
A few things we do in our hall:
• Members participate in sustainability-related
weekly challenges:
• Reduce water consumption
• 5-minute shower timers
• Reduce energy waste
• Don’t leave charged things plugged in
• Weekly meetings to promote both our events and
events of other green groups
• This semester, we cosponsored the SAVVY
Veg Challenge and Grassroots Clothing
• We are in charge of the Water and Energy
conservation week for Recyclemania
Upcoming events:
• Recycle the Runway
• 11/15/14
• Interfaith Chapel
• 4 pm–6 pm
• Participants in our
fashion show put together
an outfit made out of
recyclable materials

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