Educate Yourself on Legislation/Education to Start Facilitating Change

Educate Yourself on
Legislation/Education to
Start Facilitating Change
Webinar March 6, 2013
Katerina Raiser
NSNA Director 2013-2014
Chair Legislation/Education
Purpose of the Committee
• Help students better understand the
legislative and political process.
• Educate on how it affects nursing.
• Give guidance on what NSNA, state, and
school associations can do.
• Show what you can do.
Why it Matters!
250,000 nursing students.
3.1 million practicing nurses.
Nursing is most trusted profession.
Large impact on the healthcare and public
policies in our country.
• The truth is that nurses are viewed as the
silent majority.
• Fall far behind that of government officials,
insurance companies, pharmaceutical
executives and others.
2013-2014 Goals
• Educate about legislation by promoting
communication between members and their
legislators to encourage participation in the
legislative process.
• Further educate and gain support for newly
passed resolutions.
• Encourage members to review past resolutions
for a better understanding of NSNA policies.
How are these goals
• Guidelines booklet update!
• Memos 5 times.
• Articles in Imprint.
• Roundtable discussion at the MidYear
Conference as well as a workshop about health
policy that had 2 guest speakers.
• Association activity seminar at Annual
• Available to help state and school associations
better understand legislative issues, the political
process, and health policy.
2013 Passed Resolutions
• All of the resolutions passed by the House of
Delegates are given to the board committees
according to their topic and where they fit within
the committee system.
• Leg/Ed’s focus this year on:
In Support of Increasing Education on Health Policy In Nursing
In Support of Revising the Food and Drug Administration’s Policy
that Bans the Donation of Blood Products from Any Man Who
Has Had Sex With Another Man (MSM)
In Support of Increased Awareness of Expanded Testing
Recommendations for the Identification of Hepatitis C Virus
Infection Among the 1945-1965 Birth Cohort (Baby Boomers)
In Support of Awareness and Education on Joining Forces, and
Nursing Education on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) And PostTraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD
NSNA on Legislation
• NSNA monitors federal legislation and policy
• NSNA maintains close working relationships with
the legislative staffs of the ANA and other
• NSNA does not have a political action committee
or PAC.
• We educate our members to make wise choices
when they vote, we encourage everyone to vote,
and stay informed.
“I’m Just a Bill” Schoolhouse Rock video :
National Resources
Stay up-to-date on Health Care related Bills
currently going through Congress.
Easy to use resources:
State Resources
Use the ANA website to see if your State
ANA Nurses Association is already
active/holding events involving legislative
initiatives that you can join in on.
Look into your State Action Coalitions
School Chapter Ideas
• Pick a topic that interests your chapter.
• See if NSNA has a position on the topic
If not, write a resolution on the position you want
NSNA to take on the issue.
• Decide on a project related to the topic.
• Hold events to help education on the topic or
raise awareness for it.
• See if your state Future of Nursing Action
Coalition needs meeting space near your
Picking a Leg/Ed Project
• Pick a project that will educate nurses and
nursing students about legislation that impacts
the nursing profession and the delivery of
nursing services to the public.
• Choose a topic that is interesting to you.
• For ideas look at NSNA resolutions
and bills that are currently going through
• Use the project to increase awareness of
legislative matters on the local, state, and
national levels.
Submitting a project for and NSNA Award
• Deadline: March 14, 2014
• Applications can be submitted online at
• Awards and Prizes:
– State Level: $100.00
– School Level: $100.00
Things you can do on your own
Use the NLN’s website to look up your
representatives from the federal government all
the way to your local town representatives. This
website allows you to send emails directly from
the cite and also provides their contact
information. Don’t hesitate to write them a letter
or to give them a call personally!
For examples of how to write to a representative
see the NSNA Guidelines for Planning:
Legislative Activities
NSNA Resources for you:
Legislation/Education Committee web page:
Guidelines for Planning: Legislative
Contact Me!
• NSNA Legislation/Education Committee
• My NSNA Facebook page:
• Email me at: [email protected]

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