Sherif Abdel fattah - erc

Egyptian Liaison Group
Sherif Abdel-Fattah
Chair ELG
Consultant in Obstetrics & Fetal Medicine
Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK
• Egyptian consultants in UK have been scientifically active in Egypt
for many years
• ELG officially formed October 2008
• Acting under ERC-RCOG, not separate nor parallel
• Currently 65 UK-based Egyptian consultants & specialists & trying
to identify more
Terms of Reference
To enhance the healthcare and wellbeing of women in
Egypt, through the ERC, and in accordance with the
crucial international role of the RCOG
Terms of Reference
In Egypt
• Support development of women’s healthcare
• Promote evidence based medicine
• Help developing guidelines
• Help in postgraduate training
• Help the ERC establish a CPD programme
Terms of Reference
In the UK
• Provide UK training opportunities to Egyptian trainees
• Provide guidance for Egyptian trainees & help developing
their professional career
• Share in conveying the Egyptian and other developing
countries’ needs to the RCOG and other relevant bodies
Steering Committee
• Five members elected by all identified Egyptian consultants &
specialists in UK
• Elections administered by ERC
• Entirley voluntary contribution
• First Chairman: Mr Mohamed Hatem. Retired February 2010 &
current Chair elected
• 3 years term – maximum 2 terms
Steering Committee
• Members meet at least twice a year:
ERC conference
Scientific activities in Egypt
RCOG: Provide free meeting facilities
• Regular Skype conferences
• Regular communications with RCOG International Vice President
& International Office
• Chairman presents report to RCOG International Board once yearly
Scientific Conferences
Training opportunities
Saturdays & Sundays to minimise time off
• Part 2 MRCOG
• Basic Practical Skills (BPS)
Part 2 MRCOG
• Annual since 2001 (Pre official ELG)
• 4 days course
• 3-4 ELG members + ERC members
• Theoretical + all types of questions practice
• Guidance & coaching re-UK practice and system
MRCOG 2010
MRCOG 2012
Basic Practical Skills (BPS)
• Three yearly courses since 2009
• 2-3 ELG members + ERC members
• Similar format to RCOG BPS
PROMPT (PRactical Obstetric MultiProfessional Training)
• First course: October 2010
• Professor Tim Draycott + 4 members of PROMPT
team + 2 ELG members
PostPartum Haemorrhage (PPH)
• January 2011: 3 courses, one day each, in Cairo & Alexandria
• Mr Essam El-Hamamy, Prof. B-Lynch, Prof. Arulkumuran
Scientific Conferences
Scientific Conferences
• First combined ERC/ELG conference
27-28 February 2010
Partnership for improving women’s health
• 16 UK-based Egyptian speakers, more attending
Travel expenses self-funded
• > 300 delegates
Scientific Conferences
Second conference 5-6 March 2011,
cancelled due to revolution
RCOG CPD approved
January 2011
Training opportunities
UK Training opportunities
• ST3 jobs (IDTP)
• MD Scholarships
• Clinical attachments (pre Part 2 MRCOG)
Future Plans
(with RCOG’s support)
• Offer ATSM for adequately qualified Egyptain trainees
• Provide training opportunities in Egypt for UK trainees
through a trainees’ exchange programme
• Develop ELG section on RCOG website
• Develop social activities for ELG members
Future Plans
RCOG Egypt Day
14 September 2012
Mr Ahmed Sekotory, ELG Secretary

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