… takes stock of the directives issued by the EU Commission that
have a direct impact on physiotherapy education. EU Directives have
a direct influence on higher educational institutions. The first subject
to be looked at was “Ranking”.
In ENPHE spring seminar in Vilnius, Lithuania,
14-15 March 2013 the group decided to focus on ESCO.
The European Commission is developing a European Skills, Competences
and Occupations taxonomy (ESCO), which will describe the most relevant
skills, competences and qualifications needed for several thousand
occupations. Once finalized, ESCO will be the first classification of it’s
kind available in all EU languages.
You can read more about ESCO from:
The group members in Vilnus were:
Maija Kangasperko, Finland; Janke Oosterhaven, Netherlands;
Alma Cirtautas, Lithuania; Jorgen Brandt, Denmark; Marja-Leena Lähteenmäki, Finland
ER-WCPT has written in it’s newsletter :
In ENPHE seminar in Lahti (3.-5.10.2013) we talked in
a workshop about:
What competencies,
(* theoretical knowledge, skills, attitudes
* knowing, doing, beeing)
should the graduating
physiotherapists have in 2020?
Results of the brainstorming session:
Difference of core and general competences
Skills to do assessment based on clinical reasoning on
Bachelor and master levels
More focus on e-health and technology, communication
skills, health promotion, promoting chancing life style
and managing in differences in health perception
Broad scope on patients problems, understanding the
patients rights and environment
– Patients as a participant of Health Care Teams sharing the decision
We need to put focus on:
Cultural diversity
Evidence based physiotherapy
Continuous professional development
We need to develop national guidelines
We need to clarify the “job” profile as a starting point to
the learning outcomes
We need to clarify the core areas of sports coaches,
personal trainers, physiotherapists, nurses, occupational
therapists …
Description of PT-special competences are needed!!
Some references for group’s work in future:
• The Previous Enphe Focus Group’s Final Reports:
– European Qualification Framework for Life Long
Learning in Physiotherapy
– EU directives with a focus on ranking
• Anton Veen & . ”The Orange Book”
• Wickström-Grotell, C., Broberg, C. & Ahonen, L.
2012. … ”About the History of Physiotherapy”
European Journal of Physiotherapy. – coming
• The group will add here other valid references for
the theme.
Malin Nygren-Bonnier, Sweden
Janke Oosterhaven, Netherlands, ”www-person”
Maija Kangasperko, Finland
Arzu Razak Ozdingler, Turkey
Mara Kulsa, Latvia
Marja-Leena Lähteenmäki, Finland - facilitator
As a framework in preparing for Istanbul (21.-22.3.2014) meeting:
Life long learning
Time for pt. education
working areas
See: Broberg 2003. A Conceptual Framework for Curriculum Design in Physiotherapy Education
– an International Perspective Advances in Physiotherapy; 5:161–168

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