Postgrduate Bursaries and Scholarships Presentation

Student Guidance
• This presentation was produced by the Student Activities
Department at KeeleSU to promote legal and safe ways
to fund your PG study in the UK.
• The aim of the presentation is to increase your
awareness of PG funding and to help you make an
informed decision on your future education at Keele.
• It is only to be used as an advisory piece , it is up to you
to check the criteria of each funding opportunity and
check that you are eligible for the funding.
• All details were correct at time of publication.
• There are various types of funding available
Awards & Grants
Research Council Funding
Student Loan Company
Professional & Career Development Loan
• It is really important you pick the right funding
option for your circumstances.
Keele Graduate Bursary 2014
£1,000 discount available on some taught postgraduate course tuition fees for all
UK/EU & international students who have graduated from a 1st degree
programme at Keele.
If you are eligible, the university will contact you.
The £1,000 will be deducted from the second payment instalment of postgraduate
tuition fees.
For part-time and modular study, it will be deducted on a pro rata basis.
Bursaries cannot be deferred to another academic year.
Please be aware: you can not receive public funding along side the Keele Graduate
If Keele based funding streams are offered to you, you will only receive 1, this will
be the stream offering the largest amount of financial support.
There will developments of this bursary in the coming months, so please keep an
eye out at
To find out more contact Helen Johnson [email protected]
MA/MSc Taught Courses
Business and Management
Information Technology
Media Studies
Social Sciences
Prices for UK/EU Students
Full-time courses range from £1,950£9,000
Prices for International Students
£9,000 courses = PGCE
Full-time courses range from
Average rate= £3,900-£5,530
Average rate= £10,500-£13,750
Part-time courses range from £1,000£5,900
Average rate = £2,990-£2,375
For a more in depth look please go to:
for the full list of available courses.
PGCE Student Bursary
The Keele Bursary
• £800 Bursary given to UK and EU students
commencing a full-time PGCE course at Keele
University in September 2014.
• To qualify you must have a gross annual
household income below £25,000 including any
bursary income.
• If you receive a grant this will be added to the
overall income.
• You must also be in receipt of the maximum
maintenance grant or Special Support Grant.
• These will be paid in Feb.
Keele Graduate Scholarship
• We will award a cash bursary of £500 to
students who attain first class honours in their
first undergraduate degree and come to Keele
to study a taught postgraduate course to at
least postgraduate diploma level. Please note
that PGCE and MA Social Work are not
included in this award. Payment will be made
pro rata for postgraduate study.
• Full details will be available shortly.
Keele Access Scholarship
• Bursaries of up to £850 are being made
available for students from backgrounds with
low participation in higher education who
wish to take a taught postgraduate course at
Keele to at least postgraduate diploma level.
The university will select candidates based on
specific criteria.
• Full details will be available shortly.
KPA Bursary
• Keele Postgraduate Association offers bursaries to all MA,
MSc, PGCE, PhD, MPhil or other postgraduate degree
students. There is a £500 max on applications.
• Unlike other bursaries, this bursary is not for university
accommodation or course tuition fees but for added extras,
such as, conference fees, travel costs in the UK, field work
costs, archive costs and accommodation costs related to your
• The KPA Bursary is currently closed but please email
[email protected] if you wish to apply next round.
• You can apply up for two times every 12 months.
For more information please visit:
Santander Scholarships
• £5,000 Scholarship to 9 students from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile,
Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay , Venezuela
• In order to be considered you must be:
- holding a conditional or unconditional offer for study on a postgraduate
taught masters degree from Keele University before 30 June 2014 for the
October intake or by November 30th 2014 for the January 2015 intake.
- a national of and residing in one of the above listed countries
-liable to pay fees at the overseas student rate.
• Please note that the Santander Scholarship can be combined with a
Faculty of Natural Science Bursary but not with any other Keele awards.
• For more information about the Santander Scholarships please email Kate
Whiston, International Development Manager [email protected]
Keele International Student
Scholarship KISS
£3,000 towards the cost of annual tuition fees for a Postgraduate course.
The award is open to postgraduate applicants
The Scholarships are awarded to students who can demonstrate excellence in at least two of the
following areas:
- Academic qualifications
- English Language ability
-Understanding of the course and motivation to study at Keele
-Extra-curricular or work experience
Please note: students studying the 5-year undergraduate degree in Medicine & 4-year
undergraduate degree in Pharmacy are not eligible for this award.
KISS scholarships are open to full-time international students from the following countries: Brunei,
China, The Gulf States (Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE), Hong Kong, India,
Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, The Maldives, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam
applications for the KISS award for September 2013/4 entry will be considered on a case by case
For further information email: [email protected]
For further information email: [email protected]
FacNatSci Bursary FNS
• £1,000 guaranteed bursary to all international
students, starting a science course at
undergraduate or postgraduate level in 2014/15.
• This is a one-off reduction in tuition fees for the
first year of study only.
• The FNS Scholarship is not available to overseas
students studying the Foundation Year for 2014
entry, as Foundation Year programmes have
specific fees packages associated with them.
Students are also eligible to apply for Keele
International Student Scholarships.
Natural Science Faculty Options
Biomedical Sciences
Computer Science
Environmental Science
Forensic Science
Information Systems
Medicinal Chemistry
These subject areas have guaranteed
bursary of 1,000 GBP offered to
international students, starting a science
course at undergraduate or postgraduate
level in 2014/15.
SPIRE MA Bursary- Politics and
International Relations
6+ bursaries awarded each year of the value of £1,000–£2,000 to cover part of the cost of the
tuition fees.
These bursaries have been awarded to both home/EU & international students.
The number and size of individual bursaries awarded each year depend on the quality of the
applications and on the funds we have available.
Bursaries will always take the form of covering part of the cost of tuition fees.
They can not be used to cover living expenses.
In return for bursaries, students are required to undertake a modest amount of
clerical/administrative work in the School (up to 50 hours in the year).
All applications for our Masters courses in Politics and International Relations are automatically put
forward for a bursary, as long as they are received by the end of June.
Students should therefore a strong application with a strong personal statement connected to
SPIRE and why they wish to study their chosen Masters at Keele.
For more details please go to:
Although reduced for this year, there will be bursaries available for
Masters in Social Work. In the past these have been up to £6,000.
Your university fees are paid on your behalf by the NHS.
The School reviews all candidates offered a conditional place on the course in
relation to a set of criteria in line with the NHS Business Services Authority’s
“Inclusion Criteria for Postgraduate Students”, as well as our own selection
The social work bursary is administered by the NHS Business Services
Authority (NHSBSA) on behalf of the Department of Health, who fund and set
policy for the bursary. (Further information and application packs are
available via the link below)
Please note that students who do not receive a bursary may still be eligible for
a contribution to placement travel costs; further information about eligibility
criteria can be found via the following link:
Single parents/ careers get extra loans and bursaries provided.
For more information please go to:
Psychology Bursary
• In the last few year there have been 3 x School of Psychology
bursaries each worth £1,000 towards tuition fees. One each of
these will be awarded to each of the three strongest applications.
• They hope to again offer this in the 2014/15 application year, so
please keep an eye out in Jan/Feb to see if this has been renewed.
• As your dissertation topic and supervisor strongly flavour your MSc
we advise that you take a look early on at the school of psychology
staff webpages to see which staff research interests chime with
your own dissertation ideas.
• You may e-mail staff regarding dissertation supervision and
research topics before, during or after submitting your application.
• For more information please go to:
The Commonwealth
• These scholarships offer opportunities to Commonwealth
citizens to study in the UK.
• They offer support for full-time study at both Masters and
doctoral level.
• Awards cover airfare, tuition fees, maintenance allowance and
other miscellaneous costs.
• For more information see:
Keele in America/in Canada
Scholarships are currently the equivalent of $4,000 US (US Students) or $4,000
CDN(Canadian Students) at the prevailing rate of exchange in Pounds Sterling GBP after
completing registration and commencing the relevant course.
Eligibility for the Scholarship
Successful candidates must be accepted onto an eligible full-time taught Master’s degree programme at Keele
University. To meet the criteria for outstanding academic excellence/achievement, applicants should demonstrate
any one or a combination of:
-An expectation at the time of the application to obtain a GPA of 3.5 or above (or equivalent) for their first degree
-Motivation for the subject
-To meet the criteria for outstanding achievement/contribution as an individual, candidates should demonstrate any
combination of the following:
-An achievement or contribution in citizenship in the form of making a difference to the life of the University
community (this could include work on or off campus such as volunteer activity)
-An achievement or contribution specifically connected to a sport or sporting activity
-Overcoming hardship, disability or other personal adversity
-Candidates must be of American or Canadian nationality and will also indicate good reasons why they wish to study in
the UK.
To apply please visit:
The closing date for the receipt of applications for the annual Scholarship is 30th June in the relevant year
Fulbright Scholarship
• Eligible to American Students only
• Keele pays the tuition fees and the US-UK
Fulbright Commission pays the student’s stipend
and other associated costs.
• Applications are via Fulbright –
see for information about how
to apply and application deadlines.
• The online application is facilitated by IIE and is
used by Fulbright Commissions worldwide.
Marshall Scholarship
• Eligible to American Students only
• Keele pays the tuition fees and the Marshall Commission
the maintenance costs.
• Applications are via Marshall –
• Deadline for applications is usually October for entry the
following September.
• Applications must be endorsed by the President, Provost,
or Academic Dean of the applicant's educational institution
(or employer).
• The online application must be submitted and authorised
by a designated member of staff at the applicant's
educational institution
Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme
Keele is a participating university in the Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme
Eligible to students from Congo Brazzaville, Cote D’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana,
Kenya, Mauritania, Suriname, Uganda and Uruguay.
• For more information about eligibility please visit:
• The scholarship will cover among others;
-full tuition fees;
-a monthly stipend;
-travel costs;
-warm clothing;
-baggage allowance
• To apply please visit:
Keele Primary Health Care
• Stipend of around £16,000- £30,000 normally offered.
• A stipend is a form of salary, such as for
an internship or apprenticeship.
• Studentships in Primary Health Care:
• Studentship awards include fees, an annual tax-free stipend
of £18,000 and a non-pay allowance of up to £30,000.
• Apply online via:
Keele EPSAM Science Based
Grants and Studentships
• EPSAM, Research Institute for the Environment, Physical Sciences and
Applied Mathematics is composed of more than 80 academic staff and
contract research staff and more than 60 postgraduate researchers across
a spectrum of science.
• The Institute seeks to promote interdisciplinary synergies and
collaboration both internally and externally and has a wealth of
experience of Research Council funded, Industrial and Charity funded
research grants and contracts.
• To see what current Mphil/Phd ‘s are available please go to:
Astrophysics, Computer Science, Environment, Physical Geography,
Geosciences, Chemistry, Mathematics
• EPSAM- NERC Funded Studentships:
Research Grants
Science & Technology Facilities
• Joint Grant with the MoD:
• Research Grant information please go
• Postgraduate Studentship:
Access to Learning Fund
• In order to be eligible to apply to the fund you have to:
-Be a UK student (ie. Pay “home” tuition fees)
-Be eligible to receive financial support from the UK government ie grant, loans.
-Be in receipt of your full entitlement of statutory and discretionary student funding
including the maximum student loan you can take out
-Show evidence of hardship (documentation will be required).
• You have to complete and return to us an ALF application form with supporting
documentation. These can be obtained online or in the SFS Centre which has now
been moved to Walter Moberly Building. Your application must then be returned
to the Student Financial Support Reception, with supporting documentation.
• If you wish to see a member of staff about your application or if you need help
with applying, you can make an appointment by calling 01782 733996/734087,
emailing [email protected] or you can just come in to the office during
opening hours.
• For more information and the application pack please visit:.
Research Awards
• Preventing death by indifference - £52,300 award
• Keele astrophysicist co-investigator on multi-million dollar survey
• Major Award for ISTM Research GroupESRC Grant for project on
Climate Policy and Political Parties
• Grant Charity Funding for Age-Related Hearing Loss Research
• Medical Institute Awards for Staff and Students
• Royal Society Grant
• Three new AHRC Awards for Keele Management School
• Leverhulme Trust Research Award
• Keele's Arthritis Research UK Centre of Excellence Status Renewed
• For more information please visit:
NHS Student Grants & Bursaries
• Applicable for some MA courses and BA courses and second
degrees for graduates.
• Whether you can get an NHS bursary depends on:
-where you live
- Your course
- Your household income
- Whether you’ve already had funding
• To get an NHS bursary you must:
-Have been ordinarily resident in the UK for 3 years until the first day
of the academic year
-Be ordinarily resident in England if you’re a medical or dental student
-Have ‘settled status’ in the UK
NHS Student Grants &
Full-time NHS students starting a course from 1 September 2012 can apply for:
a bursary from the NHS
a grant from the NHS
a Maintenance Loan from Student Finance England
Eligible part-time students can apply for:
a reduced bursary from the NHS
a reduced grant from the NHS
If you choose a means tested NHS bursary the amount you get depends on your
household income.
For more information please visit:
Application forms available at
Your NHS funding may affect your entitlement to other UK Government funding
and Keele Bursaries.
NHS Student Grants &
Bursaries Instudythe thefinal year of
• How much
Loan fulltime students
get depends
-where you live
-whether you’re
in the final year
of your course
(when you get
If you study up to 30 weeks a
year, you’ll get:
Maintenance Loan is
reduced to:
-£2,498 if you study in
-£1,811 if you study
outside London
-£1,324 if you live with
your parents
If you study up to 45 weeks a
year, you’ll get:
The grant and the
Maintenance Loan are
not dependent on
your household
income but the
bursary is.
NHS Student Grants &
List of professions where funding for training is available:
Degree or Diploma Nursing or Midwifery
Diploma in Operating Department Practice
5th year Medicine
Social Work (BA or MA)
Doctor or dentist (you will be eligible for an NHS bursary after the
4th year of your course)
• Chiropodist (including podiatrist), dietician, occupational therapist,
orthoptist, prosthetist, and orthotist, radiographer, radiotherapist,
audiologist or a speech and language therapist
• Dental hygienist or dental therapist
• Nurse or Operating department practitioner (degree or diploma
Teacher Training Funding
Bursaries are available for trainees on eligible postgraduate courses in England
who are not employed as a teacher already.
2013/14 trainees will need at least a 2:2 to be eligible for a training bursary.
Trainee teachers in physics, chemistry and maths with a 2:1 or 1st are able to apply
for scholarships worth £20,000 and trainees will be subject to a competitive
The Secretary of State announced on 14 June that trainees with a B or better at
maths A-level on the new maths primary specialist courses would receive an extra
£2,000 bursary, up to a maximum of £11,000.
Trainee teachers in English, geography, history, Computer Science, Latin, Greek,
music, biology and physical education also are eligible if they have a 2:1 or 1st.
In computer science with a 2:1 or 1st are able to apply for scholarships worth
Bursary payments are processed automatically for eligible candidates by their
chosen teacher training provider.
Graduate Teaching Placements are also available for people interested in teaching.
Teacher Training Funding
School Direct
• School Direct Training Programme is available to high-quality
graduates. You may be eligible for a bursary of up to £20,000 to
support you while you train.
• School Direct Training Programme (salaried) is an employmentbased route available to high-quality graduates with at least three
years’ work experience who will earn a salary whilst they train.
• To apply please visit:
• School Direct bursary top-up
- Trainees on School Direct places may be eligible for an additional
payment worth 25 per cent of their standard bursary. To qualify for this
payment, trainees will need to be based in a school where more than
35 per cent of pupils are eligible for free school meals.
Teacher Training Funding
Physics: IOP Scholarships
• The Institute of Physics (IOP) has 100 teacher training
scholarships worth £20,000 available to physics trainees
starting their teacher training in the 2013/14 academic
• A 25 per cent premium will be paid to School Direct
trainees whose training is based in a school where more
than 35 per cent of pupils are eligible for free school meals.
• You will receive £20,000 to help you with your living
costs and become part of the IOP scholarship community.
• Deadline 1st May 2013
• To apply please visit:
Teacher Training Funding
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
• 50 teacher training scholarships worth £20,000
available to computer science trainees starting their
teacher training in the 2013/14 academic year.
• A 25 per cent premium will be paid to School Direct
trainees whose training is based in a school where
more than 35 per cent of pupils are eligible for free
school meals.
• Need a 2:1 or 1st in Computer Science and wish to
teach IT.
• To apply please visit:
Teacher Training Funding
The Royal Society of Chemistry
• 130 teacher training scholarships worth £20,000
available to chemistry trainees starting their
teacher training in the 2013/14 academic year.
• A 25 per cent premium will be paid to School
Direct trainees whose training is based in a school
where more than 35 per cent of pupils are
eligible for free school meals.
• Application deadline: 23 April 2013.
• To apply please visit:
Teacher Training Funding
IMA LMS RSS: Mathematics
The Institute of Mathematics and its Application (IMA), in collaboration with the
London Mathematical Society (LMS) and the Royal Statistical Society (RSS), has 150
teacher training scholarships worth £20,000 available to mathematics trainees
starting their teacher training in the 2013/14 academic year.
• A 25 per cent premium will be paid to School Direct trainees whose training is
based in a school where more than 35 per cent of pupils are eligible for free school
• To apply you must:
-Meet the criteria to study and reside in the United Kingdom.
-Have, or expect to achieve, a First or 2.1 degree, Masters or PhD in a subject with a
strong mathematical content, or have completed a Maths Subject Enhancement
Course (SKE) or,
-Have a non-mathematical degree with extensive mathematical professional
-Be committed to teaching in England.
• To apply please visit:
• Deadline for entries 21st April 2013
Teacher Training Funding
Student Loan & Maintenance Grants
• Home students in England may also be eligible for a student maintenance
loan to help towards accommodation and other living costs. This is
available through Student Finance England. More information on the
student loan for maintenance can be found on Directgov.
• Maintenance grant
• Home students in England may also be eligible for a non-repayable
maintenance grant. This grant will be means tested and you can apply
through Student Finance England. More details about these grants and the
funding arrangements for trainees from the EU can be found at Directgov.
• Call the Teaching Line for more information about becoming a teacher:
• Freephone: 0800 389 2500
Fax: 0117 915 6578
• Visit the National Academic Recognition Centre (NARIC) website to find
out whether your qualifications are of an equivalent level to UK GCSEs, A
levels and an undergraduate degree.
Professional & Career
Development Loans
Another option is the CDL. You can apply to borrow from £300 to £10,000 with a
Professional and Career Development Loan
Pay nothing until two months after you finish your course (including a one-month interest
Please note that you'll need to start making repayments straightaway if you leave your course
Flexible repayment terms of 12 to 60 months
Payments are fixed when your Professional and Career Development Loan is agreed
For more information please visit:
The Co-Operative PCDL-,CFSweb/Page/Bank-Loans
Barclays PCDL-,CFSweb/Page/Bank-Loans
Your Home Country Education
• Education Ministry in student’s home country are
also a useful contact to speak to.
• Prospective students are also encouraged to contact
the Education Ministry or the Department of
Education in their home country to enquire about
other possible scholarships and funding sources.
• Full list of internationally funded postgraduate opportunities in Masters and PhD
• Can search by subject or topic or type of Postgraduate degree you would like.
• Many are in the UK, however a lot are StudyAbroad Scholarships.
Studentships and
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Scholarships
The George Drexler Foundation Grants
Arthritis Research UK , Alzheimers UK
Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences Research
Studentships. University of Surrey.
• Funded Masters and PhD opportunities at Central
European University.
• Wellcome Trust/Imperial PhD Studentship.
• London School of Economics and Political Sciences PhD
Studentships for 2014 and much much more.
Study Abroad
The Leverhulme Trust
Study Abroad Studentships support an extended period of advanced study or research at a centre
of learning in any overseas country, with the exception of the USA.
Basic annual maintenance allowance of £17,000
A partner allowance of £6,000 if a student is accompanied by a dependent partner
Return air fare
Baggage allowance.
• have been resident in the UK for at least five years at the time of application;
• hold an undergraduate degree (undergraduates are not eligible);
• hold a degree from a UK institution. This may be either the undergraduate degree or a further
degree held by the applicant;
• either be a student at the time of application or have been registered as a student within the last
eight years; and
• be able to demonstrate how their work would benefit from being conducted overseas rather than
in the UK.
The Alternative Guide to Funding
• Keele has this year subscribed to the
‘Alternative Guide to Funding’,
compiled by two Postgraduate
Students at King’s College London.
• Collectively they have won 50 funds
,equalling £45,000 and felt that they
should share their advice and tips in
this PG guide:
The Grants Register
• Keele also this year purchased
the Palgrave Macmillian
2012/2013 Grants Register.
• This book lists all international
grants/scholarships, research
funding and studentships
available for Postgraduate
• A copy is currently in the
reference only department of
Keele University Library. (Quick
Reference LB2338 .G7 )
Useful websites
to search for funding
• allow you to search for funding bodies see:
• The Arts and Humanities Research Council:
• Postgraduate Funding Pages:
• Guardian Funding Article:
• UKPASS Ran by UCSAS PostGrad Pages:
• Educational Grants Service:
Part-time job to fund?
• In a recent questionnaire, 67% of current Postgraduates who
responded to the survey, stated that they had a part-time job
before or during their PG Course to fund them whilst studying
or completed a summer job to raise funds.
• This can be a good option, especially over holiday and
dissertation periods when you do have spare time to work.
• For help finding a job whilst at Keele, please visit: or drop into ASK to meet
the JobShop Team in person.
Get Part-Time Job
• Keele has a wide range of student job
opportunities. These include:
• Jobs in the bars and shops on campus.
• Student Ambassadors/Open Day guides.
• Lab assistants and demonstrators.
• Admin roles within departments
• Undergrad teaching
• If interested in pursuing a part-time jobs whilst
completing your PG studies, please get in touch
Summer Jobs
• Remember that if it is a taught PG course,
with a dissertation based module, you will
probably have from May-July to conduct
• However this is time for you to write your
dissertation, so you are allowed to complete
20 hours work at the same time.
Free Accommodation?
• Residential Support Assistants (RSA) and
Residence Support Senior Assistants (RSSA)
at Keele receive free accommodation whilst
• This could be an option if you decide to stay at
Keele to continue studying.
• For more information please visit:
Payment plan with the Finance
• Speak to the Finance department at Keele
when thinking of pursuing PG studies.
• The Finance department develop Payment Plans
for PG study at Keele.
For more information, please see:
• Post Graduate Payment plans:
Budgeting Plans
• At KeeleSU we have developed a set of
webpages to help you plan your budgeting
and save money whilst at university.
• These include a student budget calculator and
budget sheet, as well as lists of where you can
get discounts and savings as a student.
• For more information please go to:
2 year courses
Do it part-time
• Another idea may be to choose a part-time
course, therefore giving you more time to
work and earn, as well as spreading the cost of
your post-graduate studies over 2 years.
• If interested in part-time courses please go to:
Gap Year?
• Another option may be to have a gap year. Many
people have these before university, but it may be a
idea to have a gap year in between your
Undergraduate Degree and Post-Graduate Degree to
earn money.
• In this time you can think more about what job you
would like to have in the future and test out the jobs

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