Charles Kingsford Smith Powerpoint

By Emma Hassall and Lara Conyers
Brief Biography:
• Charles Kingsford Smith was born in Hamilton(a suburb of
Brisbane), Queensland, in 1897. When he was thirteen, he
started at the Sydney Technical College studying mechanics
and electrical engineering. On his 18th birthday, he enlisted in
the AlF just like many young Australians. Kingsford Smith was
sent to Gallipoli where he fought for a while.Later, he was
selected to join Britain’s Royal Flying Corps. After suffering
from an injury this ended his military career. He worked briefly
as a stunt pilot before returning to Australia.
What Happened to him when he
Smithy and Tommy Pethybridge trip brought them to India,
where they departed the city of Allshabad on their way to
Singapore, before the final leg of their journey to Australia. They
were recorded as flying over Rangoon(the capital of the country
now known as Myanmar) at 1:30am on the 7th of May.
Their were theories that he had flown into a rocky peak on a
island, which sent the aircraft into the sea somewhere between
Rangoon and Singapore. Smithy’s plane never made it to
The Royal Air Force complete a thorough search of the entire
route between Rangoon and Singapore but found no trace of
the aircraft. In May 1937, fishermen found its starboard
undercarriage leg on the shore of an island south-east of
Was Smithy really the "good bloke" that
people think he was?
Although Smithy was quite an influential person, he wasn’t the “good
bloke” that people thought he was. Because Smithy was known by
Australians for his achievements people often didn’t see the other side
of him. Smithy was known for being irresponsible in WA when he
crashed numerous times in unauthorized fields putting people in
danger. He often flew whilst he was drunk known for giving paid
joyrides and crashing, putting a lot of people in harms way. Also he
often took women for free rides in exchange for sexual favours. He was
in need for money that much that he happily accepted the insurance
money when his nephew deliberately destroyed it. “He gave his first
wife a very rough time- was a bad drinker, never paid debts, and was a
womaniser.” “Not a very honourable man.” (A family member of
Smith’s first wife) Psychiatrist Ken Craig opinion of Smithy
“…irresponsibility as a pilot in WA; his inability to handle money…” So
Smithy wasn’t the great guy that everyone thought he was.
What made Smithy such a "legend"?
Smithy was famous for being the first person to make an
around-the-world flight. He broke the record for flying solo from
England to Australia. In 1930, he flew 10, 000 miles by him self.
Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith has been called the world’s greatest
aviator. His record breaking flights and his outstanding flight
skills were legendary. His contribution to aviation was an effort
of faith and stamina. In 1932, he received his knighthood for his
services to aviation and featured on the Australian $20 note and
honoured for his achievements. In 1953, Sydney Airport was
renamed Kingsford Smith Airport in honour of Charles Kingsford
Smith. He also features in the Australia Aviation Hall of Fame. He
was known not just in Australia but internationally for his
courage, skill, his daring sense of adventure and contribution to
• Emma- Was Smithy the good bloke everyone thought he was?
- What made Smithy such a legend?
Lara- Photos and Layout of Powerpoint
- What happened when he died?

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