Preventing the
Potential Danger of
Civilian Gun Possession
By: Noah Lin (Chair)
Human Rights
Guns are weapons that are designed to launch projectiles, bullets,
which travel with high velocity over great distance.
There are numerous nations in the world that allow gun carriage. Most of the countries
allow police forces to carry guns, some countries such as the United States of America,
Switzerland, Finland and so on allow civilian possession of guns.
It just forms a cycle of guns posing as threats to self-protection, to
corrupted use of guns and back to guns as threats.
Eventually a gun became fatal and dangerous. As a gun
developed to a fearful weapon, people started owning
guns for protection.
People need guns for self-protection but others abuse
the use of a guns.
Definition of Key
Gun Possession: to know the presence of a gun and have physical control over the gun; to own
one or multiple guns
Gun Control: efforts to regulate and control sales of guns
Open Carry: openly carrying a firearm in public
Self-Protection: the act of defending oneself
Permit: authorization or consent to do or own something
Assault Weapons: any automatic or semi automatic firearms
Ballistic Fingerprint: the unique marking that a gun leaves on a bullet after the bullet is fired
from a gun
Overview of Topic:
People around the world have diverse
opinions about guns and the danger they
possess. Yes, guns don’t kill people, but
people do. Although some people misuse
guns but some still need guns as reassurance
and self-protection. Is there a way to
completely ban guns, is there another
solution where people can have selfprotection without guns, or will guns have to
stay within the society and culture and
somehow the potential danger of gun
possession will decrease? The purpose of
this issue is to come up with a resolution
that can prevent danger from civilian
possession of guns, or in fact completely
terminate the potential dangers of gun
Major Countries Involved:
United States of America
Russian Federation
1791 – Second Amendment of the United States of America is ratified
1911 – Turkey establishes gun control
1929 – Soviet Union establishes gun control
1935 – China establishes gun control
1938 – Germany establishes gun control
1956 – Cambodia establishes gun control
1964 – Guatemala establishes gun control
1968 – Gun Control Act of the United States of America
1970 – Uganda establishes gun control
1998 – United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs formed
2012 – Start of Arms Trade Treaty
Important Documents:
Arms Trade Treaty: International arms trade is not regulated, and the United
Nations is coming together to put forth a resolution that can solve this issue
and hopefully have all countries come to an agreement on regulations of arms
trade. Although this treaty is an in-process treaty, but it can be a great source
for the information needed.
DC/3034: This is a press release document on the Review Conference for Illicit
Small Arms trade. It records the discussions on links between gun violence,
development and ammunition control. This conference reviews ways of
preventing and stopping illegal arms trade.
DC/3385: This is a press record of Review Conference on rights to gun
ownership. In the conference people mentioned the right to self-defense,
especially for the young and weak, or people with a disadvantage. This
meeting splits the line between legal gun ownership from illegal arms trade.
Do people have a right to own guns? How do we determine who has a right to
own guns?
Possible Solutions:
Establish an international gun
policy and regulation
- Permits & licensing
Ban all guns and arms trade
Replace bullets
Develop a less fatal weapon to
replace guns as self protection
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