Process Powerpoint

By Kira Giles
English 393
May 6, 2010
A bump is a technique used in the sport of
volleyball. It is the first contact of the ball following
a serve from the opposing team. A volleyball is
usually bumped towards the net so that it can be
set up for a spike, which can be hard for the other
team to return
This process is for people of any age who are
interested in learning how to play volleyball or
people who are already playing and want to have
better bumping technique.
This process should be performed on a court,
grass or sand.
Make sure you warm-up before attempting this
process so you can help prevent getting injured.
Wear knee-pads to protect your knees if you need
to bump a ball low to the ground.
If bruises appear on your arms during or after
bumping the ball, this is normal and they will
eventually go away the more you play volleyball.
For bumping a volleyball you will need:
 A Volleyball
 Knee Pads
 Gym Clothes (T-shirt and shorts)
 A Volleyball Net (Not Necessary, but will help)
 A partner (Not necessary, but will help)
The Steps to Bumping a
1. Place your feet flat on the ground and spread them
shoulder length apart.
2. Stand stationary, with your knees slightly bent and your
weight slightly forward.
3. Extend your arms straight out with your palms facing
4. Place one hand overlapping the other
5. Press your thumbs side by side. This should bring your
wrists and forearms close, but not quite touching.
6. Tilt your forearms toward the ball when it comes in your
7. Allow the ball to bounce off your forearms
If you need to give the ball more of a boost, push a
little with your legs
8. Aim for the ball to go high and about two feet from the
net for the setter to set.
What do I do if the ball keeps going over
the net on the first contact when I bump
 Change the angle of your arms. You may
have to make the angle of your platform
Can a player bump the volleyball twice in a
row without anyone else touching it?
 Only when the player has blocked a shot. If a
shot is blocked by a player jumping at the net,
that touch is not considered one of the three
touches for the team and the player that blocked
the shot may play the ball again without violating
the 'twice in succession' rule.
In all other instances it is against the rule for a
player to play the ball two times in succession.
Are bruises on your arms normal?
 Yes, bruises on your arms after bumping a
ball are normal. Everyone gets them when
they begin to play volleyball. If the bruises
are painful, you may want to stop playing
and wait a few days before playing again.

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