Muscles of the Appendicular Skeleton

Unit 3: The Muscular System
Lab 2: Muscles of the Appendicular
Jessica Radke-Snead, RD, MS
Bio 241 Anatomy and Physiology
Making Sense of the Muscles
• Description  Location  Function
– Use muscle origins and insertions to describe
where the muscle is located AND what it does
• Origin: attachment of a muscle tendon to the
stationary bone
• Insertion: attachment of the other muscle
tendon to the moving bone
• Action: the movement that occurs at the joint
due to the muscle contraction
Pectoralis Major
Clavicle, sternum and ribs
Greater tubercle and
intertubercular sulcus/groove of
1. Adducts and medially rotates arm at shoulder
joint (try this yourself!)
2. Clavicular head flexes arm
3. Sternocostal head extends arm
Muscles: Upper Extremity
• Movement of
– Shoulder and arm
– Forearm and hand
• Origin/insertion requirement
– Shoulder and arm: ALL
– Forearm and hand: All BUT flexor carpi radialis, extensor
carpi radialis longus, flexor carpi ulnaris, extensor carpi
• Cadaver
– Shoulder and arm: All BUT levator scapulae, subscapularis
and subclavius
– Forearm and hand: ALL
Muscles: Upper Extremity
Muscles: Upper Extremity
Muscles: Upper Extremity
Muscles: Upper Extremity
Rectus femoris
Iliac spine
Patella and tibial tuberosity
1. Extension at knee
2. Flexion at hip
Muscles: Lower Extremity
• Movement of
– Femur
– Leg and thigh
– Leg and foot
• Origin/insertion requirement
– Femur: All BUT gluteus minimus, piriformis and illiopsoas
– Leg and thigh: ALL
– Leg and foot: ALL
• Cadaver requirement
– Femur: All BUT illiopsoas
– Leg and thigh: All BUT sartorius
– Leg and foot: All BUT tibialis posterior
Muscles: Lower Extremity
Muscles: Lower Extremity
Lab Objectives
• Return exam 2—review your exam and the keys
– Please see me if you need assistance with course
• Today: Ensure that you are able to identify each
muscle defined in your lab guide, including
indicated origins and insertions, on all lab
• Break into 3-4 Cadaver Groups
– BEFORE: Review the Lab 2 muscles designated with a (C)
– DURING: Please wear a provided lab coat and work
efficiently so as to respect all student’s time spent with
the cadavers

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