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Back Pain
• *80% of adults suffer back
pain or neck pain at some
point in their life.
• Act quickly to prevent the
pain becoming chronic.
• See your GP for advice, and
ask about the New Private
Physiotherapy service at
Parkside Group Practice.
• …and follow these tips right
Back Pain Tips
• Avoid all forward bending while
your back pain is acute.
• That includes leaning over a
sink, making the bed, and
picking things up from the floor.
• Apply 5 minutes of ice wrapped
in a tea towel to the site of the
pain to reduce inflammation, 3x
per day.
• Stay mobile if possible, avoid
sitting for longer than
30 minutes.
Back Pain Exercises
• Perform
exercise while lying on your
bed. Bend your knees, and
let them slowly drop to
each side, and then to the
other side, 5x each side.
• Perform this exercise 3-5
times per day.
• SURREY PHYSIO @ Parkside
Group Practice CAN HELP
Neck Pain
• Always see your GP if you
are involved in a car
• Act quickly to prevent the
pain becoming chronic.
• Try to get back to work as
soon as you can
• …and follow these tips right
Neck Pain Tips
• Raise your computer screen so
the middle of the monitor is at
eye level.
• Avoid holding a telephone to
your ear, use a hands-free kit.
• Avoid all laptop use as it
encourages repetitive forward
neck bending and poor posture
• Apply 5 minutes of ice
(wrapped in a tea towel) 3x per
day to reduce inflammation.
Neck Pain Exercise
• Perform this simple
mobilisation exercise to your
• Look over one shoulder as far
as feels comfortable, and then
the opposite shoulder. Move
your neck slowly and repeat
5-10x each side, three times
per day.
• Our Osteopath @ Parkside
Group Practice CAN HELP
Shoulder Pain
• Are you having trouble lifting
your arm above your head?
• Can you lie in bed on your
affected shoulder?
• Can you reach your bra strap?
• Do you get a catching pain
when moving your arm?
• If one of more of these
questions is true for you it
may be a sign that you have a
shoulder problem.
Shoulder Pain Tips
• Do not sleep on your
affected side.
• Avoid lifting anything heavy
above your head.
• Use 5 minutes of ice to the
tip of your shoulder twice
per day. Wrap the ice bag
in a tea towel if its too cold.
• Follow the exercise on the
next page:
Shoulder Pain Exercise
• The pendulum is one of the
best shoulder exercises to
help with your
• Lean over a chair or table,
and let your arm hang
down. Move your arm in
gentle circles, one direction
then the other, for 1
minute 5x per day.
Knee Pain
• If you have sustained trauma or
impact injury to your knee, see
your GP to rule out cartilage or
ligament damage.
• You may find your knee is swollen,
and you have difficulty bending
your knee or putting weight
thorough it. This is due to
inflammation and bleeding
possibly from a damaged structure.
• Our Physio at Parkside Group
Practice can help you.
Knee Pain Tips
• Avoid walking more than 20
minutes per day until your
pain has disappeared. But DO
stay mobile around the house
or office.
• Apply ice, or a pack of frozen
peas for 5 minutes, three
times per day. Please it over
the point of worst pain.
• Elevate your knee when
sitting to help reduce
Knee Pain Exercise
• A gentle mobilisation to the
knee can help reduce
• Lie on your front (you can
also do this sitting), and
simply bend your knee
backwards. Repeat 10x,
twice per day.

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