Scenario: Four days ago restaurateur Giuseppe

Pasta, Passion
Murder Mystery
Rules of Play
• All guests have motives and hidden pasts.
• You must try to convince everyone that you are innocent
while also trying to determine the murderer’s identity.
• Players are to maintain roles.
• All players must answer questions truthfully.
• The murderer is also a liar and is not required to give
truthful answers
Secret Clues
• You will each be given a ‘clue’.
• You are not required to reveal the ‘secrets’ in
your background information unless directly
challenged by another player.
• Do not read or share your secret clue until
you are instructed to do so in your character
Four days ago restaurateur Giuseppe (Pepi) Roni was
found murdered in the kitchen of his renowned New
York City eatery, La Speranza.
Pepi had been shot in the back with his own pistol.
Tonight, his family and friends have gathered to play
their respects to poor Pepi and to eat a feast of
Italian food in his honor.
One of you is the murderer.
How to Play
There are 3 Rounds in this game:
Each Round consists of the following:
1. Dialogue
All characters act out their parts according to the script.
2. Questioning
Suspects first take a few minutes to review their
individual bits of information, then begin asking each
other questions and revealing facts. Secret clues should
be revealed to the entire group.
3. Listen to CD – Round Review
Menu – Potluck Ideas
Take out pizza
Pasta dishes
Olives, cheese/crackers/ antipasto/red peppers
Salads (tossed green salad, tomato salad)
Italian bread / garlic bread – cold cuts
Desserts: tiramisu, mocha cake, cannoli
Costume - optional
Character Background
Starting with Mama Rosa, each guest will
introduce him/herself to the group.
Everyone should reveal both public and
private information.
Mama Rosa
Pepi's grieving widow. For 25
years, Mama Rosa cooked
the pasta while Pepi greeted
La Speranza's dinner guests.
In all the years they were
married, not once did they
argue. Had something finally
boiled over in Rosa's kitchen?
Marco Roni
Pepi and Mama Rosa's only
son, Marco was expected to
take over the restaurant after
his parents retired.
Marco hates waiting tables.
His goal is to play on a World
Cup soccer team but his papa
has been keeping him
permanently on the bench.
Angel Roni
Angel is Pepi and Rosa's
beautiful daughter. it was Pepi's
dream that his 'Angel' would
marry a good Italian boy, have
children and carry on the family
Angel has a few fantasies of her
own, and one of them is that
hunk, Bo Jalais. Mama-Mia!
Rocco Scarfazzi
Pepi's twin brother, a toughtalking no-nonsense Italian
businessman. In addition to
his vineyards and real estate
holdings, it is rumored Rocco
is the 'laundering' business.
He had no love for his brother
Pepi but his reasons are his
Father Al Fredo
An Italian priest and longtime family friend of the
Roni's and the Scarfazzi's.
The good priest has heard
their confessions and
knows their sins.
Tara Misu
Tara is Rocco's vivacious
young fiancee. She was an
upstairs maid in Rocco's
villa until she swept him off
his feet.
Now Tara keeps a smile on
his face and a firm grip on
Rocco's assests
Bo Jalais
Cousin of a cousin of Rocco's,
Bo manages the Scargazzi
vineyards. Bo comes from a
long line of French wine
makers and no one knows 'ze'
grape like Bo.
An important man in the
Scarfazzi organization...what
could Bo possibly have to
whine about?
Clair Voyant
Rosa's friend and astrology
advisor. Clair's talents include
an ability to communicate
with the spirit world and see
into the future.
All evidence and clues have now been revealed.
It’s time to accuse the murderer. Everyone takes a
few minutes to review their notes and write
down the name of the character they believe
killed Pepi.
When everyone has written down his/her
accusation, go around and have every guest say
whom they believe to be the killer and why.
Statement of Guilt
Option 1:
GUILT to reveal the solution to the murder
Option 2:
The solution is revealed on the CD (Track 4) Antonio Telsatori reveals the solutions to
Pasta, Passion and Pistols.

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