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* Lim Bo Seng during WWII
Contributed by: Toh Yong Sen,Freda and Janielynne
*What did Lim Bo Seng
do during WWII???
Born: 27 April 1909
Died: 29 June 1944 (Died while he is a POW)
Birthplace: Nan Ann, China
Best known as: Patriotic WWII hero of Singapore
Lim Bo Seng is a national hero in Singapore
for his resistance to Japanese forces during
WWII. A native Chinese who moved to Singapore
as a child, Limited efforts to raise funds to help
China fight Japanese invasion in the late 1930s.
When the Japanese captured Singapore, Lim Bo
Seng escaped to India and joined Force 136.
During the Second Sino-Japanese war, Lim
Bo Seng participated actively in activities
organised by the Nanyang Federation to boycott
Japanese goods and raise funds for the Chinese
army. On 1 February, Lim Bo Seng left Singapore
and travelled to Sumatra with other Chinese
community leaders and made his way
to India later. He recruited and trained
hundreds of secret agents through intensive
military intelligence missions from China and
India. He set up the Sino-British guerrilla task
Force 136 in mid-1942 together with Captain
John Davis of the Special Operations
How did Lim Bo Seng die???
Lim Bo Seng was already weakened by
being tortured by the Japanese, He went on a
hunger-strike to protest against the illtreatment of his fellow-prisoners. He was then
struck by dysentery, but was refused medical
treatment. He was bundled up in an old
blanket and left without food or water in an
empty room meant for dying prisoners, and
died three nights later.
Q1.When was Lim Bo Seng born?
1.27 April 1909
2.26 Feburary 1909
3.28 April 1990
4.28 April 1909
Q2.When did Lim Bo Seng died?
1. 29 June 1944
2.20 June 1944
3.30 June 1944
4.14 June 1944
Q3. How did Lim Bo Seng die?
1. The japanese totured him.
2. Lim Bo Seng was being locked up in a
room with an old blanket and with no
food and drinks.
3. The japanese killed him with a stick.
4. He killed himself.
Q4. Where was Lim Bo Seng born?
1.North-east China
2.Nan Ann, China
3.South-West China
4.South-east China

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