College Admissions Presentation by Counselors

Begin Your Journey Now:
Post High School Planning
AHS SENIOR class of 2015
What are my options?
Apply to a Community
College or 4 year
university – public or
Apply to a Technical/Trade
School (Culinary, Art
Take a GAP Year (Apply to
college senior year and
defer to travel or work)
 Whether you feel called to serve or are just curious,
meet with a recruiter and find the facts, figures and
tools to help you make an informed decision about
joining the Military and one of its five major
 Army
 Marine Corps
 Navy
 Air Force
 Coast Guard
There are several military programs that help service
members pay for college. Find out which college
assistance programs could help you get the degree you
Benefits of Attending a
Community College
 Many students may want to consider the 17 Oregon Community
Colleges as an option after high school.
 Community Colleges have an open door policy and will accept all
students regardless of your GPA. SAT/ACT tests are not required.
 Students who don’t need a 4 year college degree, such as a vocation
in mechanics, culinary, or dental assistants, can receive a certification
in 2 years or less.
 Tuition is ½ price of a public university in Oregon. Students who are
eligible for the Pell Grant could have most of tuition paid for. With work
study, and living at home, the first 2 years of college may be debtfree.
Benefits of Attending a Community
College Continued:
 Students can complete their General Education requirements
the first 2 years and then transfer to a 4 year college.
Universities have reserved spots for transferring Juniors.
 Students can spend more time and less money to explore
different majors at a CC.
 Community College professors are hired to teach their class,
not do research or publish works. You will not be in classes
with 200 – 300 students and taught by a teaching assistant.
Most CC classes are 30 -40 students
Four Year Universities:
Be prepared! Watch Deadlines!
Get Started!
Transcript Review
No grade below C Visual or Performing Art
 Course Rigor
Take SAT/ACT this fall:
 3 opportunities for each test before
applications are due.
 Many colleges take a super score of
highest test scores.
 Consider colleges that are on
which don’t require SAT/ACT scores.
We are now a test site for both tests
all year.
We have limited space, so sign up
The SAT October test date is already
full in the valley.
Meet with your counselor:
Discuss your plans for after
high school.
Ask for a letter of recommendation –
private schools only.
Students need 2 Teachers and their Counselor. Use Recommendation Request
form and give at least two weeks notice.
Access college resources/ handbooks etc…
Get the facts!
Use Our Resources!
Sign-up for an ASPIRE
mentor through Jen Marsden.
Get help with:
 College search
 Essays
 Scholarships
 Deadlines and more!
Make a List of Colleges
Attend College Representative
Visits @ AHS
Willamette University
9:40 AM
Upper Commons
College of Idaho
9:40 AM
Upper Commons
Gonzaga University
11:15 AM
Counseling Office
University of Portland
11:30 AM
Counseling Office
Whitman College
12:15 PM
Counseling Office
Seattle University
2:20 PM
Upper Commons
Corban University
2:20 PM
Upper Commons
University of Oregon
9:40 AM
Upper Commons
University of Puget Sound
9:40 AM
Upper Commons
Portland State University
9:40 AM
Upper Commons
Common App -- How to invite
your teachers & counselors
3 steps:
 (1) Go to
 (2) Enter all information about your school and counselor
(and two teachers that have agreed to write your letter of
rec.) under “EDUCATION”.
 (3) Go to “SCHOOL FORMS” and check YES on the boxes
to waive your right (this gives the letter of rec. more
credibility since you waive your rights to see it afterwards).
Then send invite to your counselor and teachers.
PAY ATTENTION to application
California State Schools -November 30th.
Know the difference between
Early Decision and Early Action.
 Ashland High School will host a Financial Aid night in early
December. A Financial Aid representative from SOU will
give an overview of the process and answer questions.
 All students should apply!
 FAFSA is a free application – Don’t pay!
 Fill out the correct application online for the 2015-16 school
 Application is NOT available until January 1st.
Look for National Scholarships now!
 -Online
 - Posted on our bulletin board in Counseling
 -In school announcements
 -In Grizzogram
OSAC – Oregon Student Access Commission– Available online in
November. Apply for many scholarships with one application! Early
bird deadline is February 15th - Final deadline is March 1st.
Local Scholarships will be available online at our website by winter
break. All applications will be due February 20th. Apply early!
Senior Parent Night
Tuesday, October 7 @ 7:00 pm
Encourage your
parents to attend!
Talk to a student next to
you for just a minute
about any questions that
may have come up….

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