Multi-sectoral Programme to Address Maternal & Child Undernutrition

Multi-sectoral Programme to
Address Maternal & Child
Ministry of Women and Child Development
Government of India
To bring inter-sectoral convergence and
coherence in policy, planning and action with
core focus on nutrition by including specific pronutrition and nutrition sensitive actions in
different programmes / schemes through
intensified and sustainable direct targeted
• Prevention and reduction in child undernutrition (underweight prevalence in children
under 3 years of age; and
• Reduction in levels of anaemia among young
children, adolescent girls and women.
Scope and Coverage
The programme be implemented as a special
intervention in 200 high burden districts phase
• First phase (till year-2 of XII plan): 100 districts
selected from 8 EAG states and Assam on the
basis of undernutrition, anaemia (DLHS-2) and
under five mortality rates (AHS).
• Second phase (Year-3 onwards): Remaining 100
districts selected from the larger pool of all
states/UTs, utilizing available data 2013-14.
Selective Approach
Focus would be on covering 50% worst affected
blocks within each district approved by the
State Nutrition Council with intimation to the
MWCD and Planning Commission. The selection
of worst affected blocks within districts would
be done by the District Nutrition Council on the
basis of
- the district/block level baseline and / or
- findings of any survey / studies on relevant
indicators concerning maternal and child
Programme component
• Nutrition Centric planning
• Nutrition centric sectoral intervention
• Nutrition centric gap filling support
Institutional Arrangement
State level : State Nutrition Council headed by
the Chief Minister. The State Nutrition Council
would be assisted by an Executive Committee
headed by the Chief Secretary of the State and
would comprise of Principal Secretaries /
Secretaries of all line departments concerning
the Multi-sectoral Programme.
Institutional Arrangement Contd
• District level : District Nutrition Council headed by
the concerned District Magistrate and / or CEO Zila
Parishad (as applicable in respective states) would
provide all necessary technical support in effective
implementation, monitoring and supervision of the
• Block level : a Block Nutrition Committee would be
set up under the chairpersonship of the Sub
Divisional Magistrate / Sub Divisional Officer / Block
Development Officer (as may be decided by the
concerned State Governments).
Proposed Budget
The Multi-sectoral Nutrition Programme would
be implemented during the 12th Five Year Plan
with a total cost estimates of Rs.1161 crore .
Rs 1047 Crore (GoI share);
Rs 114 Crore (State share)
Centre: State cost sharing ratio of 90:10 for all
Financial Plan & Budget:
Proposed Budget estimates according to phasing plan
at different levels :
– Rs 1 Cr per state per annum for selected bigger
States with 15 or more districts
– Rs 75 lakh per state per annum for selected small
States with less than 15 districts
– Rs 25 lakh per district per annum for selected high
burden districts
– Rs 1 crore per block for the entire plan period
irrespective of the phasing
This includes technical support and upto Rs 10,000 to Gram
Panchayat/ VHSNC (at discretion of District Nutrition Council)
• Establishment of State/ District Nutrition
• State/ District/ Block Nutrition Action Plans in
place (framework for programmatic
• Nutrition focus in sectoral programmes
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