Extending Luminis/SSB with Oracle APEX

Extending Luminis/Self Service Banner
Oracle Application Express (APEX)
Adam Howard
Systems Analyst
North Orange County Community College District
Application Express (APEX)
Rapid application development environment
Installed to your Oracle database
Free to use
More APEX features
• Minimal coding required to create functional
apps/reports; wizards
• Access to any table in database (with perms)
• Can customize processing with PL/SQL
• Powerful Interactive Reports for
sorting/filtering results
• Can run on your SSB web server (DAD)
Authentication via Luminis/SSB
• Technique presented at SETA 2008 by Debra
Miller and Nicole Johns of Athens State:
• Custom APEX authentication scheme
• Code for auto-login
• Procedure in SSB redirects to APEX app
• Luminis SSO to SSB via sctssb connector
Authentication details
• SSB session values passed to APEX from SSB
procedure and stored in “application items”
• Authentication scheme calls function to
verify SSB session values
• Login page process can populate username
and other data to persist for the session
Authentication steps
User logs into Luminis
User clicks link for APEX app
Luminis performs SSO to SSB
SSB page briefly processes
User arrives at application “landing” page
Authorization options
• Control what parts of app which users can use
• Use any means available via SQL, PL/SQL:
• “Role” tables in Banner: WebTailor, GOVROLE,
• User attributes from Banner (e.g. student in
current term)
• Table local to your app
• Others: Luminis directory via DBMS_LDAP, etc,
Authorization details
• Set up one or more “Authorization Schemes”
in the application
• Schemes can be applied at app, page, page
region, or page item level
Demo screenshots follow
If you have any questions contact:
Adam Howard: [email protected]
Or post your question to the Banner Application
Express Yahoo Group
Inside the embedded zip file to the right, you’ll find:
• f135.sql – Import this file to your APEX workspace for a simple
app that demonstrates SSO from SSB
•bzgkapex.sql – Database package body containing code for APEX
SSO and self-service Banner procedure
•Single Sign-On to APEX Applications.html – Instructions on setting
up SSO to APEX from our dept wiki
The End!
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