`2 out of 5 years` requirement

Presented by
Peng Cheng
Registered Migration Agent
MARN: 1172863
Resident Return Visa – 5 year validity period
There is only one requirement to satisfy
There are no exemptions to this requirement
Currently requirement is more strict than previous legislation
‘2 out of 5 years’ requirement
In the last 5 years that precedes the lodgement of your Resident
Return visa application, you have been in Australia as a
permanent resident or Australian citizen for at least 2 years out
of those 5 years.
You can only count the time that you have spent in Australia as
a permanent resident or Australian citizen (i.e. you cannot count
any time that you held a temporary visa or a bridging visa).
Calculating 2 years of residence in Australia
2 years is defined as 730 days
You do not have to complete two consecutive years of
residence in Australia. You can accumulate the required 2
Can count both your date of arrival and departure from
Australia, assuming that these dates are different days
Excel spreadsheet to calculate your days in Australia – link
Preparing and lodging your application
You can prepare and lodge your application irrespective of whether you
are in or outside of Australia
Application fee is AUD $345 for an online application
Create an ImmiAccount:
Supporting documents are electronically uploaded after lodgement (you
should only need to submit a clear scanned copy of your passport, and
evidence of your most recent grant of Australian permanent residency)
Completing Form 1085 and lodging a paper application at a Department
office (either in Australia or outside of Australia) is still an option. Application
fee is AUD $425 for a form and paper application
Each individual will need to apply for their own Resident Return visa,
including children under 18. It is not possible to include any dependents in
the application (even if you included those dependents in your initial
permanent residency application)
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How long will the Department take to make a decision?
A: Your application will automatically be assessed against the
Department’s records. If you satisfy the ‘2 out of 5 years’
requirement, then the system should automatically grant you a
visa and you should receive the notification on the day that you
lodge the application (this applies to internet lodged
applications only)
Q: Do I need a visa label?
A: No – your visa is electronically linked to your passport. You
can obtain a visa label from any Department office, but you will
need to pay a fee for this
Presented by
Peng Cheng
Registered Migration Agent
MARN: 1172863

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