AQA GCSE English Language and English Literature

AQA GCSE English Language and
English Literature
English Language 4705
English Literature 4710
English Language 4705
Unit 1: Understanding and producing non-fiction
Assessment method: 2 hour examination
• Section A Reading 20%
• Section B Writing 20%
English Language 4705
Unit 2: Speaking and Listening
Assessment method: CA
• Three tasks:
Discussing and listening
Role playing
English Language 4705
Unit 3: Understanding spoken and written texts
and writing creatively
Assessment method: CA
• Extended reading 15%
• Creative writing 15%
• Spoken Language Study 10%
English Literature 4710
Unit 1: Exploring modern texts
Assessment method: 1 ½ hr examination
Section A: Modern prose or drama 20%
Lord of the Flies
Section B: Exploring cultures 20%
Of Mice and Men
English Literature 4710
Unit 2: Poetry across time
Assessment method: 1 ¼ hr examination
Section A: Poetry cluster from the Anthology
Section B: Responding to an unseen poem 12%
English Literature 4710
Unit 3: The significance of Shakespeare and the
English Literary Heritage
Assessment method: CA 25%
Romeo and Juliet
A View from a Bridge
Recommended Study Guides
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