AQA Baccalaureate

AQA Baccalaureate
AQA Baccalaureate
What is the AQA Baccalaureate?
• The AQA Bacc is a recognised
qualification that helps students to
gain the suite of qualifications,
skills and qualities that
universities and employers want.
• Students will pursue subjects,
interests and activities that give
– Independence and Leadership
– promote responsibility and
– engage them with study.
• builds on students’ core A-level
subjects, adding value through
wider learning, the extended
project and enrichment
AQA Baccalaureate
What is the AQA Baccalaureate?
Building on your Alevels, broadening
your study,
completing the
extended project
(EPQ) and recording
your enrichment
AQA Baccalaureate
The Importance of the AQA Baccalaureate
Students are free to study any of your
chosen A-level subjects.
Students are effectively creating their own
sixth-form programme.
Students will have an exciting study
framework that you will feel motivated to
Students will gain formal recognition for
activities you already enjoy.
Students will be able to talk confidently
at interviews about the skills and
experience you have acquired through
and beyond academic study.
AQA Baccalaureate
What do Universities think?
A levels continue to be the gold standard for
progression to university.
The AQA Bacc gives students access to 550
UCAS points
– Up to 140 per A level
– Up to 70 for the EPQ
– Up to 60 for the breadth subject
AQA Baccalaureate
What do students gain?
• Qualifications and skills that
universities and employers want.
• Demonstration of skills and
qualities (via enrichment),
commitment to and interest in chosen
field of study (via depth and
independent learning), the breadth of
academic ability (via the breadth
“We believe that it can be the “extras” that a student brings to the University, over and
above the A-level results that secure them a place”
University of Warwick

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