Nicola Mutch

Nicola Mutch
Head of Faculty Design St Edwards College
Team Leader for Graphic Products @ AQA
Coursework Advisor Graphic Products @ AQA
Grade Analysis
A break down of the marks awarded for each unit of the DT subjects taught at GCSE.
It should be noted that these marks are not static and are subject to change on an
annual basis
Key Coursework Issues - Summer 2013
 Pointless Moodboards – must be annotated
 Lack of relevant research – it must specific to Controlled
Assessment Tasks, not just page fillers
 Lack of analytical research – research that is used must be
analyzed thoroughly and be relevant to the Controlled
Assessment Task
 Specifications
 Lack of creativity regarding development of ideas and limited use
of different media
 Testing and Modifications – not being recorded
 Evaluating against original specification
 Final photographic evidence
Moodboards that are simply pages of collated ideas, no matter how relevant to the
Controlled Assessment Task will not receive any credit in the marking of Criterion 1.
Moodboards must show a degree of analysis that is appropriate to the
Controlled Assessment Task in order for it to receive credit under Criterion 1.
Relevant information in relation to the Milano's Pizza project for the CA in
Graphic Products has been collated and analysed analytically.
A range of existing products collected for the CA for Products Design were the
candidate was asked to design and manufacture an item based on the 20th Century
Design Movements. Although relevant to her light, with Criterion 1 only being worth
8 marks they really should have been more analytical and relevant to the actual task.
Design Ideas
Design Ideas need to be imaginative and innovative and in line with the CA
design task........
Development of Ideas
....with clear development shown using a range of media if available.
.....development using a range of media including photographic evidence.
Planning of Manufacture
Planning and recording of
manufacture is really important
and must be recorded to gain marks for it in
Criterion 3.
Testing and Modifications
A good example of testing and modifications being shown and recorded.
This is a final evaluation against the original specification. This is something that
was missed in many portfolios in the summer and marks from Criterion 4 lost.
Good photographic evidence In Criterion 4 is vitally important, but it must be
Supported by comprehensive evaluation.
Good clear photographic evidence highlighting all aspects of the project.
Good examples of well
photographed and presented
work in Controlled Assessments
submitted by candidates.

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